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Love and Infatuation.

Two music genres.

City Living and Country Living.

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City Living v. Country Living
Arguably, the twenty-first century is characterized by rural-urban migration across the
globe. According to the Center for Sustainable Systems, about 84 percent of the population in the
U.S lives in the cities rending these areas to be highly populated. Similarly, 60% of the
population in the UK lives in urban areas (Center for Sustainable Systems). Despite the
preference for city living by most people, the debate on whether city living or country living is
better is often heavily contested. Even then, most people agree that country and city life are
entirely different from each other with some of them preferring city living over country living
while others prefer country living over city living.
One of the similarities between city and country living is routine. Regardless of where
one lives, one must participate in some form of routine in regard to work and school. People
living in the city usually wake up every morning and report to their workplaces or in their school.
They then engage in work duties before coming back in the afternoon or even late in the night.
Similarly, the country living has particular habits related to work (Yuetter). Individuals working
on the farm, such as dairy farmers, have to wake up early in the morning to milk their cows and...

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