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Assignment: Multiracial Discrimination

Dalmage (2013) writes, "Parents and teachers should be aware of the unique forms of discrimination faced by multiracial children and the White supremacist system in which discrimination flourishes" (p. 101). As social workers, we should be aware of our own understanding of what it means to be multiracial in society. This awareness includes a review of our own potential biases that might exist. We need to challenge our own personal ideas about how we categorize individuals and those assumptions that follow along with those categories. Rather, we must respect our client's experience as a multiracial person in the world, beginning with asking him or her how they would define themselves when completing an intake or assessment form. Further, a social worker must be aware of the many forms of racism and prejudice a person with a multiracial background might experience. As Dalmage discusses, judgment comes from many sides with different intentions and expectations. Being aware of the particular forms of racism that a person who is multiracial will experience will give you the ability to do your best to understand their experience and empathize.

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Submit a 2- to 3-page paper. Describe the impact of discrimination on individuals of multiracial backgrounds. Describe the impact of biracial/multiracial or multiethnic distinction on our society. Justify your response. How do these distinctions relate to social work practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities? Be sure to use APA formatting and references from the Learning Resources and two additional peer-reviewed resources from the Walden library about the discrimination against biracial and multiracial individuals.

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Multiracial Discrimination
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Multiracial Discrimination
Identity is something we hold close to ourselves and learn from an early age that it is what
defines us. An individual can identify as a homosexual Caucasian female while another could
identify as a heterosexual African American male. We can identify with numerous things, but few
individuals can identify themselves with two or more ethnic or racial backgrounds. Discrimination
happens regularly for multiracial individuals and their identities. Forms of discrimination can
depend on time, environment, and people involved.
Multiracial discrimination has numerous impacts on people from multiracial origins. The
first significant impact is isolation. For instance, an individual who is both Puerto Rican and African
American meets enormous challenges when trying to bond with one particular ethnic group.
Besides, isolation lowers one's self-esteem since comments such as a person of race cannot hang ...

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