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This assignment requires you to locate five sources (preferably in EBSCOhost) that contain interviews with, or writing by professionals in your career field. The purpose is for you to learn about what it's actually like to do the job you're going to do one day, or to learn about issues faced by professionals in your field. For each of these five sources, you will be writing a two paragraph summary and analysis.

It is important for you to try several different search term combinations in order to locate the right types of sources. However, if you feel you have exhausted all of your searching possibilities in the databases, let me know, and we can talk about looking on the web (outside of the databases) for sources that work for you.

The rest of the requirements for this assignment are listed on the assignment sheet. You will see that I have also attached an example/template to use as a model for your own assignment. Please format your document as shown on the example.

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ENL 111 Career Research Assignment 100 points The purpose of this assignment is to read and learn from first-hand accounts of individuals who work in your future career field or discipline, to understand them critically, and to respond to what you read in a thoughtful way. Remember that when you copy and paste MLA-style citations from EBSCOhost, you must tweak them to fit MLA requirements (font, size, punctuation, indentation) as needed. Directions: 1. Locate 5 (five) articles in EBSCOhost in which a professional shares his or her experience working in your chosen career field (the person must be a professional in the same career or position (or, at least, a very closely related position) that you are currently pursuing. The articles you choose may be written by a professional in your field, OR they may contain an interview with this person. 2. Provide the MLA-style citation for each source. 3. Write a 1-2 paragraph summary and analysis for each article. Your summary portion should be no longer than three sentences. In your response, give an analysis of the article’s purpose, quality, and its usefulness to you. Explain what the person in your field is revealing to you about your future profession and what you can learn from their shared experience. Begin each summary/response in the following manner: In the article “How Computers Make Our Kids Stupid“ published in the Canadian news magazine Maclean’s in April 2010, journalist Sue Ferguson interviews secondary school teachers who express frustrations and concerns about adapting to the unique needs of students in the digital age. These instructors… It is very important that you read each article thoroughly and carefully. Please see the template and example writing on the following page. Follow this example when organizing your document and writing your summary/analysis. Roberts 1 S. Roberts Professor Settle ENL 111-108 10 November 2015 Career Report, Part Two Article #1 Bodnar, Janet. "From Law Student To Celebrity Chef." Kiplinger's Personal Finance 69.12 (2015): 72. Business Source Elite. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. Summary and analysis: In the article “From Law Student to Celebrity Chef “published in “Kiplinger's Personal Finance” magazine in December, 2015, journalist Janet Bodnar interviews Chef Lorena Garcia on her life and career. Chef Garcia discusses her plan to pursue a legal career when she moved to the United States from Venezuela. The article goes on to detail Chef Garcia’s many restaurant and culinary operations, including her television show. While the chef doesn’t consider herself a celebrity, she very proud of her kitchen collection being sold on the Home Shopping Network. This article illustrates the hard work and physical labor that is required to succeed in the cut-throat world of restaurant ownership. Moreover, it really demonstrates how branding and marketing can play a significant role in financial success for chefs and restaurant owners. It is clear from this interview that having a legal background really helped Chef Garcia when she began her journey as a restauranteur, and it is also clear that this level of success is not necessarily likely for everyone who receives a culinary degree. Article #2 Burke, Julia. "The Renegade Lunch Lady: An Interview With Chef Ann Cooper." Progressive (2015): 34. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. In the article “The Renegade Lunch Lady “published in “The Progressive” magazine in July, 2015, journalist Julia Burke interviews Chef Ann Cooper about school lunches. Chef Cooper discusses her foundation and initiatives for nutrition education and food justice. Chef Cooper also covers in detail the five obstacles to overcome in her advocacy for healthier school lunches. To wrap up the interview, Chef Cooper discusses American chefs and their job to help fight hunger and the nutrition gap. She also gives details about what parents can do to help improve school lunches. This article sheds light on some of the larger problems of health and poor nutrition choices faced by man in our country. As culinary professionals, it can sometimes be difficult to challenge Roberts 2 yourself and be creative while focusing on creating healthful meals. In this region of Appalachia, it is especially important to think about educating customers and the community about making smarter, healthier choices when choosing food. I also feel that chefs in this region have a responsibility to help fight the stereotype of “America’s fattest city.” Article #3 Citation: Rutman, Nancy. "The Fresh Chef. “Organic Gardening 57.5 (2010): 52-59. Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. In the article “The Fresh Chef “published in “Organic Gardening” magazine in August, 2010, journalist Nancy Rutman interviews Chef Emeril Lagasse about his life and the Emeril Lagasse Foundation. Chef Lagasse discusses his early life and how gardening and cooking were a large part of growing up. He also compares aspects of his childhood to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation and how it helps encourage youth to explore their interests in food and gardening. Emeril goes in-depth discussing local, organic, and natural foods as well as how they influence the guest and the experience of dining. Much like the “Renegade Lunch Lady” article, this piece compels me to think about the role that chefs and restauranteurs play in educating consumers and customers about not only nutrition, but about the origins of the food people eat. This is a hotly contested issue; if Americans aren’t comfortable with their government making food choices for them, are they going to be comfortable with a chef lecturing them about nutrition? Despite this, this interview with Lagasse inspired me to think about my own passion for real, whole foods that are locally grown. These are the kinds of foods I want to share with the customers in my community. Article #4 "Annabel Langbein." NZ Marketing Magazine (2015): 6-7. Business Source Elite. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. In the article “Annabel Langbein “published in “NZ Marketing Magazine” magazine in September, 2015, Chef Annabel Langbein is interviewed and discusses how she created a media empire. Chef Langbein details her early years and discusses how she cooked everywhere she went. She shares how she got her big break in media and how that has led to her media productions across many channels. Langbein continues with discussion on marketing, the digital age, and challenges facing her. She wraps up the interview by discussing advice for children interested in doing the same thing and comments on her coming ventures. This article reflects the great difficulty entailed in rising through the ranks of the culinary world to create an empire. Inspiring though it may be, I realized while reading this that my ambitions are not that grand, and I would satisfied simply to own a restaurant in West Virginia that serves West Virginia-grown food and provides a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for people in this region who love to eat. Roberts 3 Article #5 Bellstrom,. "Career Advice From Chef April Bloomfield: No Crying In The Kitchen." Fortune.Com (2015): N.PAG. Business Source Elite. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. In the article “Career Advice From Chef April Bloomfield: No Crying In The Kitchen “published on “Fortune.com” in November, 2015, journalist Kristen Bellstrom interviews Chef April Bloomfield on her life and career in the kitchen. Chef Bloomfield details the managerial side of the business and how to handle mistakes. She discussing being a woman in the industry and how it has affected her as well as the challenge. Bloomfield ends the interview explaining how hard the job is and that there are a lot of moments spent expending your blood and sweat, but not tears. No crying in the kitchen. Bloomfield brings to light a problem that many don’t like to talk about this industry: the problem of sexism and favoritism. As difficult as it is to “make it” as a chef, it is even more difficult to do so as a female. Many of the female students in my culinary program at Mountwest express the same problem. This article forced me to think about how important it is to me, personally, that I make an effort in the future to employ people of all races, creeds, and genders, in an attempt to provide opportunities for my community as a whole. ...
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Surname 1
Career Report
Article #1
Kleiner, Art, and Michael Wy Cheng. “Seeking the Future's Supply
Chain.” Strategy Business, 12 Feb. 2020. Web. 26 Mar. 2020.
In the article, “Seeking the Future’s Supply Chain” published in strategy-busines magazine in
February, 2020, Michael Wy Cheng and Art Kleiner provides an interview with the CEO for Li
& Fung, Spencer Fung. Notably, Li & Fung is a 3PL company which offers a wide network of
services manufactures as well as distributers. In order to effectively manage his company, Fung
employs strategic planning.
Fung looks at the external environment and other trends in the economy before coming up with
any strategic plan. Such trends include changes in technology as well as the industry. The major
elements which the CEO focuses on during the three year plan of 2016 are digitization,
innovation as well a speed. Speed encompasses both internal and external operations.

Article #2
Biesterfeld, Bob. “Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Shipping: How Do All
Those Packages Get Delivered?” December, 2019.
The article titled “Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Shipping: Ho...

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