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Choose a “place” that is relevant in your own life. Student will develop an information resource for a “place” of importance. Illustrating your understanding of the importance of the concepts of Human Geography, this assignment is not restricted to a “paper”. Be creative - this assignment may take any format except a research paper or written paper. Student will submit a one page description or summary and a reference list, APA format, but the actual assignment MUST be in some other format.

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Running head: TORONTO

Place Assignment Summary
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Place Assignment Summary

Visiting various places from all over the world has been my hobby, the most exciting
thing about is to interact with people while experiencing their culture. Besides, seeing new
things, buildings, and natural phenomena has been a source of motivation for my quest to visit
various places. In the US, I have visited multiple places where I interacted with people from
different cultural and religious backgrounds. The location I have chosen is Toronto that has been
my favorite place and city, and I will always feel happy enjoying a cool breeze in this area.
Toronto is characterized by multiculturalism, this gives rise too many cuisines, and this
eventually ensures the availability of excellent restaurants. One of the reasons why Toronto is a
place to be is followed is its diverse menu. The food available in this city serves the needs of
various cultures in the ...


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