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After completing the MBTI and obtaining your own profile, provide an insightful 3-5 page Assessment and Analysis Paper sharing your MBTI (ESFJ, for example), your strengths, and challenges. In the Analysis Paper, please also address the following key points:


  • Do you agree with the results of the test? Substantiate why or why not?
  • Compare your type results (ESFJ, for example) to that of other types.
  • Indicate famous leaders mentioned in your type analysis.

Use APA style with a cover page and reference page (no abstract page). Ensure that you use at least two additional references.

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I am an ENTJ I don’t really agree with the fact that I have difficulties when communication requires finer soft skills, such as being very tactful or particular patient, or involves the finer feelings of the soul. I can definitely communicate when it requires finer soft skills being tactful, patient and involves finer feelings of the soul. I am 50 and over the years I have developed a skill on how to read people and learn their style of communication and what works with their personality. Each person is different and a lot of time you have to tailor the way you communicate with an individual based on their personality otherwise the feedback will not be productive. Compare it to an ENFJ ...
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ENFJ: What Does That Mean for Me?


ENFJ: What Does That Mean for Me?
[Student Name]

ENFJ: What Does That Mean for Me?


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a popular assessment that can be taken to better
understand one’s own personality type. The assessment is designed to evaluate a person on
four different traits: introversion vs. extroversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and
judging vs. perceiving (Owens, 2012). These personality traits are heavily associated with Carl
Jung’s writings, but the final trait was developed by Katherine Briggs based on her own study of
people. This assessment is called an either/or mentality, which means that people are one or
the other. This is different from some other personality assessments like the DISC assessment,
that considers the blending of traits.
After taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I received the results that I am an ENFJ,
“The Teacher”, according to the sixteen personality types named by Briggs (Owens, 2012). This
means that my personality type is extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgmental. Overall, I
agree with this assessment, but am also highly analytical with an analytics-based job, which is a
little at war with the “feeling” part of the results.
I definitely feel th...


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