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I’m trying to study for my Economics course and I need some help to understand this question.

Write your critique of the 2 literature reviews you read in 1 document. Your critique should also include any typos, corrections, and notes on any specific sentences. Here is a acceptable methods to do this.

Highlight typos/issues and write notes on top of document using Word or another program. Save file with comments and upload.

At the end of each of your 2 critiques (that are in 1 file), grade the writing accordingly

having at least 8 peer-reviewed journal article citations (grade will be a number between 1 and 8)

summarizing the literature in a manner that another Econ undergrad could understand (this is your audience) (how easy was this for you to understand? Grade 1 to 5.)

1. Completely cannot read this paper

2. Very difficult to read. I kind of understand what you're trying to say

3. I know what you're trying to say but there's a lot that is not clear and many concepts/terms were not explained.

4. I get the majority of the paper and the main point. There are a few concepts/terms that were not explained well.

5. I understand everything the author was talking about.

grammar (Grade 1 to 5)

1. Nearly every paragraph has major mistakes so that paper is almost unreadable. Your English teacher is crying in a corner somewhere.

2. Most paragraphs have major mistakes so that paper is difficult to read. Don't hand this in if you want to pass the class.

3. Many major grammar mistakes throughout the paper. Did you even spell-check bro?

4. A few mistakes here and there but didn't interfere with reading the paper much.

5. Well-written. Maybe a minor typo here and there.

having a reference section with references listed in APA format. (Grade 1 to 3)

1. This isn't APA format.

2. Many mistakes

3. Maybe 1 or 2 very small mistakes or less.

Here's an example of what I'd like the grade to look like:

citations: 8

summary: 4

grammar: 3

APA: 2

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Literature Review Critique
Student’s Name
Professor’s Name


Document- Trading Cards as a Store of Value
Citations: 6

1. The citations you have placed at the end are in good format
2. However, make use of in-text citations this enhances more connectivity

Summary: 2

1. I could hardly understand your essay and am sure the concepts need more elaborative
2. Create headungs and proper paragraphs to have an easy reading flow that helps in
comprehension the content
3. Avoid using acronyms which you have not elaborated because makes it challengeing to
intepret what they mean

Grammar: 2

1. Your using of long sentecnes is problematic because it prevents someone from getting the
main point.
2. I can see a lot of gaps between parapgraphs. So I can’t tell whether you meant to create a
new paragraph or is it a continuation of information.
3. you seem to be misusing punctuations such as brackets and the full colon within the essy
4. still, you need use proper quotation marks to help the reader understand where specific
titles are appearing on the content. This specifically draws attention to the card game
names, “Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic“ you mention
5. A need for detailed proofreading in your work, otherwise, you might lose points.
6. Also, make use of transition words within you content to enhance to connecvtity of ideas


APA: 1
1. Does not follow APA completely
2. You need to use the right font and construction structure of paragraphs
3. Double space has to be consistence eveb in the reference page.
4. However, arrangement in order of alphabet is quite fine
5. Further, I don’t undertsnad why you have page numbers in between the content



Literature Review Critique
Student’s Name
Professor’s Name


Document-Discrimination in Sports

Citations: 7

1. Citations are okay, but remember they have to be consistence. I have seen at the

conclusion you have cite Nicholas Watanabe (2015).
2. Also put commas to make them neat mostly those that appearing on the end “(Watanabe


Summary: 5

1. The information given is easy to understand and any audience can pick lessons from the
2. I could also comprehend the main points you have outlined

Grammar: 2
1. Several grammatical errors. Seems you didn’t prove read your work
2. I see a problem that you don’t understanding difference of terms like effect and affect.
This appears in various areas in your essay mostly in the introduction
3. I don’t see transition sentences at the start of every new parapgragh.
4. Ypu are giving the company in focus a human character, “The UFC is the largest MMA
promotion company in the world who produces…” is anappropriate.
5. Identify proper use of its and it’s
6. Enhance consistence in the use of third person in writing unless instructed otherwise.
Otherwise, there are several areas you are using “we” which I don’t think is correct


7. Also, take caution of using proper pronouns when talking of singular forms and plural
forms. I have taken this issue where you have stated, “This means that a consumer’s own
motivation or self-esteem directly influence their expectations”

APA: 2

1. APA followed.
2. However, check on formatting well the headings and subheadings. I don’t think should be
itallics or numbered.



Trading Cards as a Store
of Value
Eco 3325

Justin Will

Trading Cards as a Store of Value

Relevant Literature

How do trading cards relate to money?
Arguments for trading cards as a store of value are rare and so we must
derive them from literature on other commodities and investments in
order to pain...

agneta (51334)
University of Virginia

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