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Discussion question: 1. Explain the relationship among data mining, text mining, and sentiment analysis. 2. In your own words, define text mining, and discuss its most popular applications. 3. What does it mean to induce structure into text-based data? Discuss the alternative ways of inducing structure into them. 4. What is the role of NLP in text mining? Discuss the capabilities and limitations of NLP in the context of text mining. Exercise question 3. Go to teradatauniversitynetwork.com and find the case study named “eBay Analytics.” Read the case carefully and extend your understanding of it by searching the Internet for additional information, and answer the case questions. IE-Q7: Go to kdnuggets.com. Explore the sections on applications as well as software. Find names of at least three additional packages for data mining and text mining.
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In data mining and text, mining is related in a way that the information gotten from
text mining is from the natural language nor the structured databases of saved data as it is in
the data mining give the positive or negative mentions about an issue or certain king of data.
It gives the insight about some of the opinion as given in the text to answer the ...

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