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Question 1

Erikson replaced Freud's psychosexual stages with his own

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Question 2

Adler's ideas on personality theory could best be called

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Question 3

A behavior that results from a combination of the inferiority complex and a lack of social interest is

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Question 4

Adler considered birth order to be crucial in personality development. He believed the middle child tends to be

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Question 5

Freud disagreed with Adler because Adler minimized the importance of the

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Question 6

Adler replaces Freud's libido with another motivator which he called

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Question 7

According to Adler, a person who suffers from organ inferiority becomes motivated to compensate for this by striving for

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Question 8

Erikson's model of personality used many of the same concepts at Freud's, but psychoanalysis added meanings that were

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Question 9

Why could you consider Adler's psychology as common sense psychology?

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Question 10

Adler's experience as aNo ________ motivated him to make social interest his master motive in social evolution.

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Psychology Questions Regarding Adler
Q1: Erikson replaced Freud's psychosexual stages with his own

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