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Applying the concepts to "real life"

There is no escaping talk of the coronavirus and covid-19 these days. As you read through chapters 1-6 you will see lots of concepts of governance in Texas and the U.S. federal system. Let's unite these two things.

Write at least two paragraphs about how one concept from Unit 1 applies to the coronavirus pandemic.

Use at least 2 reputable sources and cite them in the body of your paragraphs as well as in MLA format at the end of your post.

Lastly, ask a thought-provoking, open-ended question for your classmates to answer. A good question will require a detailed answer with both the student's opinion and some research required.

Here are some examples of topics based on each chapter's concept:

1. The Political Culture, People, and Economy of Texas - what do we expect from our government in these times? What is our role in governance of our state and community? Does Texas culture play a role in how we are approaching this compared to other states?

2. The Texas Constitution - what is the state government's constitutional role in a crisis of this sort? Is Governor Abbott's declaration constitutional?

3. Texas in the Federal System - How do the federal, state, and local governments work together? What is each level's role/responsibility? Should it be the way it is (mostly up to each state) or should we change the balance of power?

4. Political Parties in Texas - We still see disagreement in how to address this pandemic between the two major parties. What role does partisanship play in our state in times of crisis?

5. Elections in Texas - What affect might this all have on the 2020 elections? This is primary election season, though ours was on March 3rd, we still have run-offs. What will Texas do when people don't want to "go out" to vote?

6. Interest Groups and Lobbying - The medical community is a powerful interest group. There are numerous interest groups for doctors, nurses, health care professionals of any kind as well as interest groups representing older Texans. How are their voices and dollars steering policy making right now? Is Texas as a state lobbying the federal government for our own interests?

As you can see - every chapter has a lot that can connect to the pandemic and government in Texas, the U.S., and the world. Come up with your own take on something that piques your interest.

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Elections in Texas during the Coronavirus Crisis
The coronavirus has caused many aspects of real-life to change drastically. Governance in
the Texas State and the United States has not been the same. With elections in the state and the
entire United States in this year, it has been challenging for candidates to campaign. The traditional
methods of campaigning in the state have become impractical due to the need to keep s...

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