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HI! I need someone to read 4 chapters out of the texts below and write a ONE PAGE reflection on each. Each chapter has 2 texts that goes along with it. At this point, if you have time, you can read both, but if you don't I'd prefer you read Mattison's chapter. The reflection is NOT to be a summary of the chapter but it should include, personal insights, reactions to personal or professional life experiences, and a minimum of 3 references (author&page) from either Mattison text or Panicola et al. Also, its EXTRA if you come up with one question from the chapter.

The chapters are fairly short, they range from 7-9 pages. These are chapters 7,9,10,&11

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Running head: CHAPTER 7


Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: The Virtue of Justice and Justice in Waging War
In this chapter, I have been refreshed on matters that revolve around justice. It is worth
noting that justice is a steady disposition in an individual to give other individuals their due. I
firmly believe that part of this includes determining what might be exactly due to these people
(Mattison III, 2008, p. 136). Over the years, I have pondered more on the teachings of Jesus
Christ, especially when I have had to consider justice. For instance, Jesus urges us to love our
neighbor as ourselves. This principle ensures that a person is in peace and harmony in their
dealings with those around them. It is always proper to be careful to avoid things that are
perceived by many as ‘natural’ in determining what is just. As the author argues, some people
might be seen by society as natural-born liars hence using this to defend them (Mattison III,
2008, p. 138). We might end up saying that ‘it is not their fault; they are born that way.’
However, it is essential to remember that justice is not all about doing things to please others by
doing things right.
Understanding justice implies that one acts in a way that, to a great extent, nourishes right
relations with other individuals, and these relations are fundamental when it comes to our
identities hence crucial to living a good life. The chapter made me learn that justice highly
governs the right relationships between individuals that work and also live at various learning
institutions such as universities (Mattison III, 2008, p. 141). The author’s text confirms my belief
that justice is a concept on ethics as well as a law...

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