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Can you help me understand this Management question?

I was an assissant chef of one youtube video of our group,

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

LO1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the scale and scope of project management in private and public sectors

LO3: Evaluate a strategy to ensure effective use of resources, assets and people within the project

LO5: Identify systems and organisational culture that ensure an effective project management approach

Within this module, students work in project teams on 'live projects' which aim to provide opportunities for them to apply project management methods and tools and develop project management skills in practice. The project brief is provided under 'Assessment' section on the module page on Moodle. Both CW1 and CW2 require critical analysis and application of relevant project management principles, methods and techniques to the live projects.

In the individual reflection report, you are required to critically reflect on the management of the project by your group, the lessons learned during the process, your contribution to the group work, and your personal development plan for the future.

The individual report should also effectively demonstrate how the above learning outcomes of the module have been achieved. Supporting evidences for the achievement of each learning outcome should be provided in detail in the appendices of the report.


The presentation slide should contain the following:

  • Appropriate coversheet (as attached in this document – please ensure appropriate coversheet is attached to your assessment brief)
  • Title Page, including the given title in full, the names of all the project team members and the web links if applicable.
  • Contents Page
  • Main body (see "details of the task" above)
  • Appendices/References

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Cover Sheet: Non-Anonymous Marking Student Name: Degree Title: Student ID: Level: Module Title: Assignment Title: Word Count: Module Code: Seminar Lecturer: Link: To shared files, Blog, etc. [Insert link here if relevant] I, [type your name], confirm that this submission is my own work and I accept all responsibility for any copyright infringement that may occur as a result of this submission. Date of Submission: PANDA COOKS FROM LONDON PROJECT MANAGEMENT [M023LON] Project Overview Project Plans Purpose Panda cooks is a London based online channel for quick and easy recipes! We create student friendly content based on Asian Cuisine and International desserts all made in house by our team of business students turned culinary enthusiasts. Target audience We are targeting the age groups between 18 to 30 for all students and youth . Reason Our Plans By understanding the trends and need of quick solutions to uni students and youth audience who are being the major user of youtube Planned output Number of expected subscribers 1000 100 likes per video. 500 views per video. SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH • • OPPORTUNITY Team members from diverse backgrounds and • Cultural differences and slight language barriers cultures • Differing expectations for project outcome Diverse skills including videography, cooking, writing, • Heavy reliance on specific team members for specialized skills. translating, etc. • • Good team support • Advanced technology for content creation and Lack of resource control due to large team worldwide reach. THREATS • WEAKNESS • Large market of international students with high overlaps and copyright infringements • disposable income • Technology - easy access to similar content, potential A lot of regulations to be taken into consideration (GDPR, national laws, etc.) Scale and collaboration with sponsors as • Demanding viewers and potential negative publicity. competitive advantage . • Increased use of food delivery apps reduce the need of having to make quick and easy meals at home. 6 TOWS ANALYSIS TOWS Analysis Internal Strengths • • External Opportunities Diverse content that will appeal to international • Embrace cultural differences to attract different cultures students from all countries • Team members’ knowledge of various languages enable Diverse skills of team members = creative ways to attract and engage with non-food sponsors • Internal Weaknesses multilingual content • Team skills + technology + funding from sponsors = better quality content on a bigger scale for students = increased profitability • competitive advantage • Supportive team (students) + creation of diverse External Threats • Diverse skills and creativity in the team = Give control to viewers for better engagement and content they are interested in • content based on viewers’ interests to overcome negative publicity Utilize specialized skills to engage with sponsors and Regulations = level playing field for all Youtube channels (competitors) that have to adhere to the same laws • Mitigating negative publicity = reduce viewers’ desire to watch different Youtube channels differentiated content and styles • Diverse cultures = introducing viewers to meals that are not available on food delivery apps 8 TELOSS FRAMEWORK Scheduling Technical . Social Economic . . Operational . Legal T : Technical Feasibility Are the required technology, systems or skills available? •Yes, they are available. We have both software and hardware as tools for helping us to create the videos. We use DSLR camera for shooting and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing the clips. In term of skills, we have members who have experiences and ability to shoot and edit video. E : Economic Feasibility Will the project cost more than the expected benefits? • In the beginning, the project may cost more than benefits because we have to spend our own money for making Videos. Having said that, when the Panda Cooks channel get more views and subscribers, we will earn money as expected from Youtube and sponsors who hiring us to promote their products. L : Legal Feasibility Who and how the project will affect to potential new legal terms of engagement? •We are permitted from copyright holders to use images and songs in the videos thus, we have complied with Copyright law and regulations. O: Operational Feasibility Is the project workable on a day-to-day basis? •Yes, it is workable because we allocate work to every team members in order to accomplish our project. In addition, we also have members who will col and monitor the quality of work. S : Social Feasibility Will the project meet the business’s and its stakeholders’ needs? •It is difficult to meet needs of everyone because there are many internal, external and connected stakeholders; ntrothus, we have to divide them into 4 groups and address them differently (we will describe this in the stakeholder analysis) in order to meet everyone needs as much as possible. S : Scheduling Feasibility Will the project be delivered successfully in time? •Yes, it will be de Scope Statement & WBS OBJECTIVES • Creating and managing a YouTube channel with a minimum of 5 videos in • Conceptualization of the theme • Shooting and editing London • Cr eating the channel Cost-effective and student friendly recipes costing a maximum of £10 • Uploading the videos each • Marketing and branding activities of the channel 9 weeks • • • DELIVERABLES Becoming the most popular channel for easy recipes among students in Earnings of £20 pounds per video through brand collaborations MILESTONES • Creating and Uploading atleast 5 videos within 9 weeks with no limit on the maximum number • Reaching 1000 subscribers in 3 months • Achieving 6000 views, 300 likes and 100 comments per video in 6 months TECHNOLOGY • Editing software • Camera • Background music • Uniformity of videos • Laptop • Internet • Youtube • Social media marketing 12 WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE STAKEHOLDER Analysis Internal: The team (cooking team), Camera Man, Video Editor, PR/Social Media monitoring External: Regulators, government YouTube, Instagram STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS Connected: Sponsors: Tesco market etc. Viewers Subscribers Lecturer Stakeholder Designation and Roles High power, high interest (fully engage): Weekly meeting (WhatsApp), set schedules, share Information High power, less interested (keep Satisfied): Update quality videos, interact with viewers, keep transparency Low power, high interest (keep informed): Adequately inform, keep info updated Low power and less interest (monitor): keep in touch but don’t overshare. Stakeholder Designation and Roles SOCIAL NEED SHARED VALUES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CORPORATE ASSETS AND EXPERTISE 7S FRAMEWORK STRUCTURE STRATEGY Description • We divided our team into small groups ,so when we break down our work we will work easier in each group we have one chef, one technician, one marketing and financial member per group. • • Highly organised and discipline The strategy of the channel is to stick to its objective and we have to work with advantages like qualified technicians and well trained chefs ,with Multi culture team. • We all know our roles , we have to schedule the timing for shoot ,then we have assemble the member and we have to shoot video and give it to the technic al member to edit and upload it . At last marketing member will deliver the video to the target audience. • We have well experienced and skilled members in cooking,anubhav has leadership skills so we asked him to lead our team and Raswanth who has more inte rest in visual media. • A team with diverse culture, so we have different culture within the team and our leadership style is democratic ,we are following cooperative style within the team. • A team of 9 members with four chef, one camera man, two marketing member, financial controller and team leader. Trusted and valued, Highly organised a nd multiskilled. • The core values of the organization is to achieve 1000 subscribers within three months and help the asian student with easy recipes . SYSYTEMS SKILLS STYLE STAFF SHARED VALUE Network Diagram & Critical Path RISK MANAGEMENT RISK EVENT STAGE IMPACT PROBABILITY IMPACT OVERALL RANKING Time Management Start up 4 4 16 Technical issues shooting 1 3 6 Internet Connectivity All time 4 5 20 Subscribers After uploading 3 4 12 L I K E L I H O O D 1 Technical issues 2 3 Subscribers 4 Time Management Internet Connectivity 4 5 5 1 2 I M P A C 3 T Risk Event Stage Inherent Rating Mitigation Strategy Probab Impact Overall Rating Plan/ Actions Plan Owner Residual Rating Probab Impact Overall Ranking Time Manage ment Start-up 4 4 16 Mitigate Everyone’s consent Project Manager 2 3 6 Technical issues Shooting 1 3 6 Avoid Backup Equipment holder 1 3 3 Internet connectivity All time 4 5 20 Avoid 1 4 4 Subscribers After uploading 3 4 12 Accepting 2 3 6 Using Mobile All members data N/A Marketing team References • Maylor, H. (2010) Project Management. 4th ed. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited • Bdaiwi, Y. (2017). Stakeholder Analysis using the Power Interest Grid, Project Management. Retrieved from • Wageningen (2020). Power-Interest grid for stakeholder participation, Wageningen University. Retrieved from THANK YOU ...
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Reflection Paper: Project Management
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The YouTube project was intensive but was the best depiction of project management in
the outside world. During the period of the project, I got to interact with the smartest brains and
glad to be part of the team as an assistant chef. There was a lot of pressure to achieve success,
and it was felt among the members. A ting of thriving, I would say. The members were
corporative, and everyone had an open mind to any ideas that were laid on the table. The project
gave me a perspective of project management in a different way. It was a hands-on experience at
the right time in the course work. The team was deliberately up to the task, and we brainstormed
a lot while in the thought processes. A lot of patience was vested in the thought process, and this
attribute taught me to dive deep into every aspect of the project before engaging in the final
Management of the project by the group
The team had the objective well aligned and clear with the task. Every person in the team
already knew what it was expected of him or her. The roles and responsibilities were given at the
start. The team then scheduled on how to tackle the project with a complete breakdown of the
main parts of the structure, which were; setting the theme, cooking and shooting the video;
creating the Yo...

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