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QUESTION 1: The purpose of each Leader in Action assignment is to have students reflect upon a relevant leadership question and to have students take away valuable lessons that might help them in their own interpersonal relationships and career growth..

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Leader in Action #1 Question:

Do you believe that men and women demonstrate different styles when leading others? If so, in what ways? Be clear and specific in your response.

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Leadership in Teams
The process in which executives direct, influence, and guide behaviors of their teams or
subordinates is known as leadership. Implementation of guidance is across all setups, whether
organizational or institutional, and it is the developmental strategy on attaining goals. Executives
create a directive for their subordinates to ensure they can perform; they have confidence and
enthusiasm to perform certain duties. Leaders in action assignments ensure that their colleagues
reflect upon leadership requirements and take valuable lessons that would assist them in their
careers. As stated by Zaccaro et al. (2018, pp. 172) the ability to coax others in teams to pursue
defined objectives enthusiastically. Leadership is the human factor that quandaries a group in
unison and motivates them to pursue the goals together.
Leadership traits
Leadership in teams is mandatory, and it is an important function that helps to exploit
efficiency and achieve organizational goals and teams target. A team leader has several mandates
that create environments for teams to work and attain goals in unison. Leaders in organizations
have the mandate to initiate action; lea...

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