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Essay on Does social media contributes in our life in positive or negative ways? The essay must be of 600 words excluding referencing. The referencing must be done using Harvard referencing.

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Contribution of Social Media

Contribution of Social Media

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Contribution of Social Media


Contribution of Social Media
When the internet was introduced, it was mostly for communication with strangers.
However, with time and given the innovative spirits of human beings, there was the development
of a means through which it could be used for enhancement and communication with already
existing relationships. These developments have led to the formation of the several social media
sites that are in existence today. While this formation was expected to bear positive results it has
brought about various negative results. The purpose of this paper will be an analysis on the
effects of social media both from a negative and a positive perspective to determine the
contribution to human life.
There is no doubt that social media improves the communication among individuals
especially those who are further away. Before its onset, communication would take days and
comprise of long processes. However with social media, it is easy to communicate each and
every day with a person who is worlds apart. Social media as a means of communication also
contains plenty of information about various subjects through the various groups that it allows
formation (Akram, 2018). This enables the users to access the information and use it for their
needs. For instance, there may be a Facebook group for health and fitness. People who are
looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle can join the group and gain important insights. Social media
also communicates social problems prompting change and intervention by able people. There
have been many fundraisers for less for...

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