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Consider the same company ‘X’ that you have already used in assignment 1 and answer the following questions

  • Describe the roles of directional, marketing, operations and human resource strategies in the overall well-being of your selected company. (2 marks)
  • Classify the products of your selected company based on the BCG matrix. (fill out the table in the answer sheet)(1 mark)
  • Describe at least one partnership that your selected corporation has with other company (es). Is it successful? Justify. (1mark)
  • Describe the structure of your selected company. (1 mark)

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Assignment 1: Part 1 of project Environmental scanning & strategy formulation Assignment Questions (5 Marks) 1. Briefly present your selected company (name, industry, nationality, location, size, activities, products…) (Max 200 words). (0.5 mark) Answer 1: Saudi Aramco is an oil company in Saudi Arabia that deals with products such as petroleum and natural gas. It operates in the oil and petroleum industry. It has the second-largest oil reserves in the world. The reserves have approximately 270 billion barrels, with each having a volume of 4.3 * 1010 m3. The company produces oil that contributes largely to the total production in the world. The company is majorly involved in exploration activities with a significant proportion of its workforce, including geologists and geophysicists. The company started exploration in 1982. Most of its operational activities take place in a research center. It used supercomputers to process exploration data. Its supercomputing system has a large storage capacity that supports the processing of large bits of exploration data. Besides, it refines oil and petroleum products after its merger with Samarec. The company has a refining capacity that consists of almost 5.4 million barrels that are refined every day. In the recent past, the firm has focused on integrating its refining activities into domestic petrochemical facilities. Also, the company also ships refined, crude, and natural gas to different nations all over the world. It carries out the shipping of its products in collaboration with subsidiary firms such as Bahri. 2. Determine the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your selected company by completing the SWOT matrix below. (1 mark) Answer 2: Opportunities Threats 1.New exploration sites have been 1. A high demand for oil and petroleum products globally. discovered in other areas around; therefore, reducing its exploration 2.Operational transparency will promote optimal valuation of the company, capabilities. 2.There has been so much emphasis on renewable energy. 3.Political tensions in the Middle East threaten its operations. Strengths Weaknesses 1.It has a large capacity for producing and 1.It depends highly on profitability. refining oil. 2.Transparency and effective corporate 2.It has massive marketing capabilities governance. 3.It has advanced technology that promotes its sustainability. 4.It has low production costs per oil barrel. 2. Does your selected company have social responsibility? If yes, discuss its impact on competitive advantage of the corporation. (Max 400 words) (1 mark) Answer 3: Aramco has a social responsibility and has launched numerous initiatives globally and domestically. For instance, it launched a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that aimed at supporting energy creativity in China. The project aimed at promoting the production of clean energy and sustainable development (Saudi Aramco, 2017). The CSR is among the initiatives that have impacted positively on the company’s competitive advantage. It has helped create a strong brand loyalty since it emphasizes on community engagement in its production activities. Besides, it has helped create a positive corporate image for the company since the community is likely to have a good perception of the firm. Emphasis on energy innovation has helped the company connect persons with different ideas on how oil and petroleum resources can be utilized to reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment. Notably, its CSR offers the company opportunities to meet a lot of people who help reinforce its brand awareness strategies. In the end, the company has succeeded in creating a perception among the public that it is sensitive to issues such as global warming and pollution affecting society. Moreover, its CSR enables it to create positive relationships with the community and other stakeholders. The company has been at the forefront of helping provide solutions to issues affecting society. Giving back to the community enables the company to create a good reputation for itself that is likely to translate into increased sales. Besides, the company benefits from cost savings since it has managed to reduce its emission and waste volume (Al-Najjar, 2016). The firm has been able to save a lot from proper waste management. Also, CSR has been able to comply with laws governing the production of oil as well as consumer regulatory compliance. Therefore, it has been able to establish a positive relationship with domestic authorizes. As a result, it has been able to avoid costs associated with lawsuits and fines imposed as a result of a violation of regulatory compliance. In this regard, it has managed to maintain high standards of ethicality and morality as part of their moral obligation. A good reputation is also crucial since it has enabled the company to penetrate into global markets. Lastly, it has enabled the firm to attract the best talents; therefore, increasing its productivity. 3. Based on the figure 4.3 (Ch4-slide no 18) and the textbook text relative to Porter’s Five forces of competition framework, assess the power of the buyers, suppliers and substitutes of your chosen company. How formidable are the barriers to entry and how intense is the rivalry among existing firms? ( 2 marks) Answer 4: The company is affected less by buyer power since the prices are determined majorly by fiscal and monetary policies such as inflation, interest rates, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Besides, it is not easy to move from supplier to another due to the limited number of oil producers. The company is affected adversely by supplier power since they have significant bargaining power when it comes to determining the prices of petroleum products. Besides, the firm is less affected by substitute products since it is difficult to replicate oil and petroleum commodities. The industry has as strong barriers to entry based on high capital investment and technological requirements for production. 4. What is the competitive strategy used by your selected company? Justify. (0.5 mark) Answer 5: The company has a competitive advantage due to its ability to produce and refine oil at lower costs. It has technologies that enable them to maximize their productivity while reducing costs. In this regard, the company stays ahead in the competition by offering products at relatively low prices. The results are increased sales and profit margins. References: Al-Najjar, J. F. (2016). Social responsibility and its impacts on competitive advantage: An applied study on Jordanian telecommunication companies. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 7(2), 114-125. Saudi Aramco. (2017). Aramco Asia launches CSR program to support energy innovation in China. Retrieved from ...
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Strategic Management Assignment
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1. Describe the roles of directional, marketing, operations and human resource strategies
in the overall well-being of your selected company. (2 marks)
Directional Strategies
The directional strategies are the elements that ensure Saudi Aramco is running well in the
company and that the various activities taking place in the company are geared towards
ensuring the business objectives are attained. The directional strategies make part of the
general organization policies on the business activities. Saudi Aramco has plans of expanding

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