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  • Introduction of topic (2 Slides)
  • Application of topic (4 Slides)
  • Conclusion (1 Slide)
  • References (at least 4) (1 Slide)

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Jubail University College Department of Business Administration Semester 402 Assignment 1 Course Code: ACCT 313 Student ID Course Name: Intermediate Accounting II Section No: 201 Student Name 1 2 3 4 5 Topic: Key Concepts of Intermediate Accounting Instructors: Dr. Asif Baig Cover Page Instructions: Dear Students (Most urgent) As per instructions from the government and Ministry of Health as a prevention means to reduce the spread of Corona virus among people the students are not required to work in groups/teams or come to the college to conduct such assignments/homework/essays/projects. This is an individual assignment you can submit the assignment using Bb. Sincerely Dr. Asif Baig a) 1. 2. 3. 4. The Assignment should cover the following points: Introduction of topic (2 Slides) Application of topic (4 Slides) Conclusion (1 Slide) References (at least 4) (1 Slide) b) 1. 2. 3. List of Topics Full Disclosure Principle Disclosure issues Current reporting issues Rubric for Report: 30 marks Category Introduction Application of Topic Conclusion ACCT 434 - Corporate Financial Reporting Semester 402 - Assignment 1 Failed Partially Mostly Absolutely Up to 20% Less than Up to 75% 100% 50% Marks Did not cover contents Partially cover contents Mostly cover contents Absolutely cover contents 6 Did not discuss key components Partial discuss key components Proper discussion of key components Excellent discussion of key components 12 Did not cover Conclusion Partially cover Conclusion Properly cover Conclusion Excellent covered Conclusion 3 References 4 Formatting 5 Out of 30 1 Out of 10 Good Luck Note: Assignment submission is accepted only through blackboard. 2 ...
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Principle of Disclosure
Institutional Afiliation

✓The full disclosure principle is a primary accounting concept that compels business
organizations to report all necessary information concerning their financial
statements and any other essential data to all the recipients of the information that
are accustomed to using the accounting information (Hosseiniol &
✓The primary purpose of the full disclosure principle in the accounting field is to
allow different companies provide all the relevant information and any other
material financial data with the outside individuals.
✓The sharing of the accounting information with the outsiders is a result of the need
of the outsiders to gather more data about the performance of the organization before
deciding on their investment plans.
✓The outsiders rarely have a chance to analyze the performance of the company as the
outsiders only know little details about the firms.

• The primary details that the principle of full disclosure focuses on comprise of
the international and local business deals the reporting firm has accomplished
the loans and the cont...

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