Southern New Hampshire Module 1 Week 10 Scientific Method Application Paper

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Return to your original initial post in the Module One discussion topic where you described a way to use the scientific method in your daily life. Reflect on your post using the knowledge gained throughout this course.

Decide if this is still an appropriate use of the scientific method. If so, describe how you would implement the use of the scientific method. If not, briefly sketch out a better use of the scientific method in your daily life and describe how you would implement that.

What results, if any, might you expect to see from your application of the scientific method? Also, reflect on the following:

  • How has your general thinking changed due to the material learned in class?
  • How will this course help you with your future research methods courses in your program?

In responding to at least two of your peers, constructively comment on the insights they have described in their reflection. Has their thinking changed over the 10 weeks of the course in similar ways to yours?

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Hello, your work is complete. Please have a look at it and let me know if you need any correction before submitting it. Otherwise, it is always a pleasure working with you. Goodbye for now. 👋

Surname 1
Hello, Everyone
I cannot believe that this is the last module we are tackling for this class. Time really went by
real fast, thanks to the professor and my fellow classmates who made it lively. Focusing on this
week’s discussion forum question, I will have to say that during my first week, I really had no
clue on how to use a scientific method to help me tackle or approach any situation in a more
rational way.
In my initial post (Module 1 Discussion Post), I mentioned the fact that I was faced by a
dilemma where I had to make a decision whether to keep my child or not since I was focusing on
my future career as an FBI agent and I am also a single parent. I really did not explain how I
would use any scientific method to help me make this decision and come up with a rational
conclusion. This is because I did not know how to do so. However even without the use of any
scientific method, I went ahead and kept...

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