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Much of the "conflict" between the Bible and modern science, in my view, has been due to the failure by many Bible readers and teachers to appreciate the important role of mythology in both an ancient and even modern context. Myth, as a literary work, isn't primarily concerned with the factuality of a story so much as the importance of the lessons conveyed through it. The story might indeed have a great deal of fact associated with it, but it's main purpose is not to convey mere facts. Truth is its primary goal. The modern western mind has difficulty separating these. We tend to require a thing be factual to be "true," at least as it pertains to matters of faith. This is unfortunate because sacred texts (particularly the Bible), are full of examples wherein the truth of a story did not depend on its factuality (case in point: the parables of Jesus). For this reason, creation stories in the ancient world were more meant to teach "how things are now" rather than "how things went then." The condition of mankind and Divine nature are greater themes in creation stories than how scientifically verifiable or "accurate" the story might be.

In many ways, modern film has "resurrected" this ancient practice of conveying truth through well-told stories. Consider the social commentary of films like "The Purge," or the cultural isolation of Christian evangelicals through M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village." Good movies deliver more "truth" to us than in a year of sermons, pamphlets or slick television salesmen. For those with the "eyes to see, and ears to here," good cinematic art...good films, "teach" us things that no other method would have.

For this reason, I want you to find access to and watch (finding it is up to you) "Noah" with Russel Crowe. Obviously it derives much of its material from the Biblical tale of Noah and the flood. However, too little material exists in the Biblical account of Noah to fill an entire movie and create a compelling story, so the film's creator derives elements from elsewhere in the Bible, and even explores themes that theologians have grappled with for thousands of years regarding the nature of humankind and "knowing God's will." This is NOT the cute Sunday school story! However, it DOES force the viewer to examine whether they might have thought too simplistically about this tale before. Some will react to it negatively because it differs so much from the manner they were taught to think about it. That's fine also.

For full credit (15 extra points), a five page, double spaced paper must be written on the major themes of the film, its tensions, conflicts and conclusions. Do some research into how the movie was received (positive and negative) and how the director chose to portray certain elements in the story (rock angels?). This is to be a well thought paper. No short papers saying, "I liked it!" or "I hated it." Five pages minimum!

Talk about the special effects, the editing, the acting, and the screenplay. Talk about what the story has to "say" about humankind and Divine interaction. When is the story set? In the ancient world? Can you even place it in time? What does THAT tell you? Is it a story that's "true" anytime?

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The film “Noah” is a film based on the bible story of Noah and the ark. The film was
written and directed by the American filmmaker Darren Aronofksy and debuted in 2014. In the
movie, the story has taken a different perspective, adding more information than there is in the
bible. This has led to the fil gaining critics from the religious front who believes the filmmakers
failed. However, the film maintains the main themes of the story in the bible and uses similar
characters as the bible. The makers of the film have used excellent filming techniques to make the
movie exciting and incorporate essential themes discussed in the bible. The filming methods have
earned the film a following of people who are much impressed with the film.
Themes in the film
Evil in humanity
The film has various characters who portray evil and are engaged in actions that harm
others and animals. The film begins with a scare from an animal that was killed by some men to
eat it. The men further try to kill Noah without any provocation showing they were evil and were
willing to do anything to God's creation. The evil in humanity continues to be discussed and
portrayed in the film in various scenes. For instance, Noah and his family travel to look for his
father and find several dead bodies and one survivor, Ila, who they took with them. The killers
appear and try to kill them but are protected supernaturally by the watchers.
Similarly, the watchers tell of their struggle in the hands of humans after they tried to help
them. The watchers are adamant in assisting Noah to at first, as they are bitter of what the humans
did to them after offering them help. Besides, when Noah goes to get wives for his sons, he finds
out that people are treated terribly and goes back without finding a wife. Humans are sold, and



women are disrespect...

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