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Question 1:After reflecting on the article you read from Social Media Examiner, 3 Ways to Add Facebook Live to Marketing Strategy, select one brand/company that you think is doing a good job using Facebook Live Video as a way to engage customers and prospects and critique, and discuss some of the strategies they are using. (For example: “This small bakery business is using Facebook Live to show customers how they make their award-winning donuts in the kitchen” Provide a link to the Facebook business/brand page so the class can view. Around 200 to 300 words.

Question 2: The GM Fastlane corporate blog is a success. (Read all the attachments) As stated, the blog was introduced in January of 2005and featured direct access to candid thoughts of then vice chairman Bob Lutz and other GM executives. The effort helped GM overcome its dinosaur image, reach customers quickly, and attract web traffic through other sites and blogs linking to Fastlane. At least 2 pages. For this assignment:

1.Find another corporate or company/brand blog that is doing well.

2.What are the business objectives for the blog?

3.Communication Objectives?

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Running head: MARKETING





Question 1
Since its 2016 debut, many marketers and businesses are beginning to appreciate the
potential of Facebook Live. It might be an expensive affair for companies to produce great
marketing videos, and the ease of making live stream videos on Facebook has increasingly made
the platform popular as a marketing tool. A perfect example is a Facebook Live done by
Birchbox, a company dealing in selling a wide range of cosmetic products. In the live stream, the
sales representatives showcase a new Mascara brand called “Badgal Bang” through a makeup
tutorial. At the time watching the live stream, the post by the company had garnered well over
17, 000 views, and over 200 comments in engagement with organic traffic. By all standards,
such a broad audience reached with little investment in marketing videos provides a good ROI.
In achieving this feat, the sales representatives used some strategies to keep the audience
engaged. First off, the video is a live demo; thus, prospective customers get to see the real
outcome of the product than they would otherwise see (Secrist, 2017). All the while, the
representatives keep discussing the product’s features and benefits, and their lively chart is also
entertaining. Secondly, the hosts use question and answer sessions to keep the audience engaged.
They also make it clear that there is a reward for a person who engages more from the audience.
This give away is a perfect attention grabber, and by cleverly inserting it in the video description,
Birchbox increased the chances of more people being interested in the live stream. Although the
hosts do not present the video with high market professionalism expected with most high budget
marketing videos with flashy whistles and bells, the video is quite convincing and engaging.


Question 2

Hubspot Blogging Success
It is through blogs that corporates or brands can share content as a business strategy to
grow and drive sales. They make it possible for a company to share multimedia content like
videos, audio, and photos through embedded links on websites. As such, brands can influence
perception, communicate on products, and convert cold leads into raving customers. According
to the 90-9-1 principle described by blogger McConnell and Hunt, blogs are powerful marketing
tools that can potentially reach ninety-nine percent of potential leads by merely keeping the one
percent engaged with the blog content (Quesenberry, 2018). Brands usually use various analytics
to track these engagements from comments, likes, and shares under each blog post. One brand
that has succeeded with their blog strategy is Hubspot. The brand provides one-stop solutions to
business sales and marketing needs through its SaaS marketing strategy. By creating hundreds of
articles in their blog every month, the brand has consistently realized massive sales from
switching and matching excellent blog post with lead magnets. This strategy grew out of the
realization that the market was becoming more tired of outbound strategies like direct mail and
cold calling. Thus they focused on their content blogging efforts, an idea that created the inbound
marketing where buyers were treated more like real people. Presently, Hubspot is one of the best
brands in the inbound marketing strategy.
Business Objectives
Hubspot’s initial objective was to grow its business through content marketing, and their
blog machinery did an impressive job at this. Through the content strategy, the brand was able to
grow and adapt with its audience by consistently keeping an eye on the best performing lead



magnet and blog post combo from the first touch to the checkout counter. In achieving this, the
company had to focus on the source of their prospective customers, making it possible to serve
them with valuable content. As such, content became the main generator of traffic for the brand.
There was skepticism initially of how simple blobs of text and blended videos and images could
generate traffic as a marketing strategy, but the brand is sure proof. Their approach evolved to
become a game-changer in the way marketers and agencies conducted their marketing efforts.
Therefore, this meant that Hubspot was not the only company or corporate using the inbound
marketing strategy. It needed to come up with innovative ways of sustaining this business
objective. And having started with less than twenty employees, churning fresh and quality
content would require a robust marketing team to maintain the blog machinery. According to
Optimization and Growth manager, one Pamela Vaughan, sustaining twice as much growth in
content, would require twice as many employees (Sukhraj, 2015). Thus the brand has engaged
over 600 employees producing several eBooks and “how-to” pieces that make the majority of
their blogs. The strategy by the blog has scaled the brand’s growth as the site consistently
receives over two million visitors monthly.
Communication Objective
When it comes to blogging, Hubspot’s main communication objective is to increase
engagement, and it achieves this by creating new quality content regularly. The brand
recommends at least one article of about six hundred words every week. Such kind of a blog post
will be useful in delivering more content than the competitors for the same amount of Keywords.
As such, a blog can grow its traffic as the frequency of blog posts increase. Hubspot usually puts
more weight on potential prospects being interested in a comprehensive research article than
short blog posts using lead scoring. Therefore, they use more of long-form blog posts of over



2000 words which stand to rank better wi...

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