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Please write 2 pages using 3 scholarly peer reviewed sources for the following:

Select a brand for which you feel loyalty. It could be a brand of ketchup, toilet paper, underwear, an engine part, or even a telecommunications provider. Analyze how you became loyal to the brand. Your discussion should include research and references from academic journals as it pertains to market segmentation.

Next, go to the company web site and research the brand.

  1. What types of segmentation strategies has the brand undertaken over the years to maintain and extend its appeal to the consumer? What type of market segmentation are they using? Who is their target market?
  2. As a conclusion, explain how the company research may or may not have helped you better understand why you are loyal to the brand.

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Kraft Heinz Company
Kraft Heinz is a food and beverage processing industry in the United States that deals
with the manufacture of products such as ketchup. I became loyal to Heinz Yellow Mustard
because of its affordability and great taste in hot dogs and burgers. Heinz mustard has, over the

years, become my favorite as I can even use it in salad dressing, which is tasty, and being a brand
that is recognized and trusted, I have managed to stick to it. The company applies segmentation
strategies in marketing its products, which is through its quality that seeks to attract their
customers. Just as the company's slogan says that "Nothing else tastes like Heinz," the company
uses its quality as a tool for comparing with other ketchup brands (Spence, 2016). Here, the
leaders encourage the customers to believe in their products by emphasizing more on their

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