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In our previous lectures, we discussed how the excesses of business during the Gilded Age resulted in the reform efforts of the Progressive Era. When businesses took advantage of the American worker, the government enacted programs to improve working conditions and to regulate unfair business practices.

In our last lecture, the Roaring 1920s were referred to as "The Mini Gilded Age" because it was also a time of economic prosperity and unregulated business practices. I agree with that assessment and argue that the New Deal was the rebirth of a "Mini Progressive Era" during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's response to the Great Depression. And once again, we see that there are two distinct definitions of the word "freedom" as it relates to government: Freedom from government versus the government's responsibility to protect American's freedom.

How does President Franklin Roosevelt feel that American understandings of freedom should change? And does his political opponent Herbert Hoover's definition of freedom differ from Roosevelt?

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Freedom according to President Roosevelt and Hoover
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The phases in history are, in most cases, given the shape by the economic situations. Most
of the political agencies show interest during the peak or drop in economic trends. In such a
situation, the politico authorities initiate various measures that impact the trends. All people

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