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I’m working on a Communications exercise and need support.

The paper requires to introduce and analysis the picture based on the reading. It needs to use the idea from the reading. The paper should be 2-4 pages.

Here is some information about the picture.

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Short Analysis Paper
The image of a busboy crouching next to the icon of the slain Robert F Kennedy has
grabbed headlines and became a subject of history for many years. Boris Yaro is the photographer
who took the photo of an assassination (Carmel, 2020). According to the researcher, Mr. Yaro was
just from witnessing Kennedy, who had delivered his victory speech after winning the Democratic
presidential primary. He hoped to snap a picture, and then he heard gunfire, which froze him as he
watched the assailant emptying his weapon. Mr. Yaro would then begin photography that scene
where a busboy Juan Romero was kneeling over the mortally wounded Senator and cradling his
head (Carmel, 2020). The image of the busboy crouched over the Senator’s arms ran on the front
pages of the Los Angeles Times the next day and was endured as the most original images of the
assassination. The picture has be...

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