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1) The Masque of the Red Death: List 5 details that paint a picture of the role social class plays in this story.

2) The Purloined Letter, The Tell-Tale Heart, and/or The Cask of Amontillado: List 5 details that illustrate criminal psychology or strategy in one or more of these stories.

  • Do not use quotes from the text without quotation marks.
  • Do not use a quote without explaining how the quote illustrates the point you indicate that it illustrates.

3) Freewrite (Do the freewrite indicated for your group below):

  • Group 4: Freewrite on your impressions of "The Purloined Letter"

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Story analysis outline
The Masque of the Red Death: Five details that paint a picture of the role social class play
in the story
The presence of a meeting for the rich
This is organized by Prince Pospero, who is the symbol of aristocracy. The red death had
killed masses and devastated the land, but the wealthy still had access to certain privileges. The
presence of issues like who the prince selects to associate with indicates social inequality and
how social status affects people in devastating situations. The rich do not reach out to help the
less fortunate in times of need.
The absence of Moral virtues.
During the war, both the rich and the poor have abandoned human d...

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