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The Humanist Thought Outline
Who was Petrarch and what were his contributions to Humanist thought?

Petrarch has been known for years as the father of humanism due to his devotion to the
way of life and his discovery of significant classical texts.

In early 1300s, Petrarch went to Southern France where he started his profession as a
legal clerk (Zilli, 2013).

The first work that contributed to the fame that Petrarch got was named Africa.

The work of Petrarch Secretum meum makes it clear that secular gains did not impede a
dependable relationship with God.

As a male who was greatly introspective, he shaped the humanist movement a big deal
since many of his internal musings and conflicts shown in his writing were taken upon by
the philosophers of the renaissance.

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Who was Petrarch, and what were his contributions to Humanist thought?
Petrarch has been known for years as the f...

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