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The Topic is an Active shooting in MedStar Washington Hospital Center!

Final Paper/Case Study:. Each student will be required to write a 6‐9 page (approximately 3000 words) case study on a hospital/healthcare response to a crisis or disaster. The case study must include detailed analysis of the hospital/healthcare setting, the disaster/crisis, assessment of site/location capabilities, evaluation of response challenges and outcomes, and your proposed solutions to the identified challenges. Do NOT just regurgitate the event details, provide solutions and be persuasive. The final paper should demonstrate knowledge of the event and the critical thinking skills needed to respond and recover. Format should be APA in 12 Point Times Roman font; double spaced.

One of the best approaches to this is to apply WHY method where you ask your self why at least five times and answer those questions


Lesson learned

and the most importantly as an Emergency Manager what would I would do if the case took place today!

what I handle you the hospital keys what would you do!

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Active Shootings in Health Centers

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Active Shootings in Health Centers
Undoubtedly, the risk is a part that comes with every business entity established, be it an
institution in education, a medical institution, among others. Some risks can be predicted, but
others are not foreseeable until they happen. Hence the institution has to come up with ideologies
and strategies to overcome the issue at hand. At times, the very act of a disaster arising is what
drives the institution to come up with protocols to handle such a case there in the future. The
health sector is one of the most critical sectors in the world. A failure in it gets to affect so many
people around the state and globe in general. Nothing can be done as long as there is a health
crisis that cannot be dealt with. Very many diseases exist, some of which are airborne very easily
transferrable, and if there is no control by the health sector, then it turns to a global pandemic.
A good example is a coronavirus that is crippling the world as it is. In as much as the
virus has spread so much, there is the control that the health sectors around the world are
carrying on. Every country ensures that the health sector is well equipped to handle anything that
is thrown to them. Every day in the advancements made in the technology, they have to advance
on the equipment needed and used in hospitals and other sectors for health care. In 2018, there
was a scare in the Medistar Washington hospital Centre whereby there was a report of an active
shooter (Inaba, K., Eastman, A. L., Jacobs, L. M., & Mattox, K. L. 2018). Even though it was
later ruled to be a threat thrown to one of the staff and no active shooting or violence occurred, it
still left the question: what would have been the best action if they indeed had an active shooter
within the premises? With this study paper, we will be analyzing the outcome of the incident, the
risk management that should be in a health institution, and other factors that could be affected by
such a threat. That is disaster management strategies and protocols within a hospital.



MedStar Washington Hospital Center
For the longest time now, the Medstar Washington hospital has maintained its quality and
authenticity in offering health care services to the people. It is one of the private health centres
within the area. Annually, they manage to offer health care services to so many people and help
in ensuring that the ones that come in leave the hospital with better health. In 2018, in the
inpatient and outpatient department, they opened up their doors to about 433,000 people that are
residents found around the mid-Atlantic. Every day, they get hundreds of people coming in to
seek medical care on various capacities could be dental, surgeries, cancer treatments, among
others. In the Washington DC coverage, they are the largest hospital. At the same time, they do
act as the referral hospital and even central hub when it comes to acute problems that cannot be
handled in other hospitals within the area. There medical and very qualified team is made up of
around 1650 in number. They do facilitate the quality services that they help in managing
chronic illnesses as well as controlling them. Over the years, the MedStar Washington hospital
centre has helped in the growth of the community around it. Also, they do offer diagnostic and
treatment options of the highest quality.
Analysis of The Healthcare Setting
When we talk of health settings, we refer to all the activities and services that are offered
within the health care, the staff members the different cares that are offered, among others. All
health care institution is generally the same, but every hospital does have its settings and
arrangements that are best suited for their activities, size, and location that they are at. When we
look at the Medstar Washington hospital centre, they have managed to establish different
departments that handle the different cases that are found in the health issues. When setting up a
hat care institution, the planning and ultimate planning is aimed at making sure that the needed



services will be easily accessible. That is in terms of hospital beds, reception areas, among other
areas. The way that a hospital is set up helps in the manner in which they attend, especially to
emergency cases.
Additionally, studies have shown that how a hospital is set in terms of colour in the walls,
designs around it has benefits within the health care system. Changes to improve on the settings
have improved in reduces the instances of hospital-acquired infections, reduces patient stress as
well as increased staff satisfaction. With the advancements in the technologies, the healthcare
settings are also improving on their equipment. That is ensuring that they have the latest up-todate facilities, moving towards the use of digital platforms to record the data from the patients
and store information, which reduces instances of data confusion during the hand over as well as
improving the quality of services that they get. Sometimes, the diseases and infections get
stronger or continue mutating with time, and that means that the hospitals have to e ready and
aware of this so that they know what actions to take. For such advance measures to take place,
they must have the right people in the leadership positions so that they are alert, well organized,
and know when to be proactive. That is leaders who know when to send their staff members for
seminars which will benefit the hospital, among other things. With all the disease and problems
that people take to the hospital, they must maintain a sector for each of the cases, that is an
oncology department, the Intensive care unit sector, emergencies among other like the pediatric
section. The segmentations help in identifying the patients as well as giving the best care. For
instance, a hospital should not necessarily put the delivery ward next to the entrance of the
hospital or reception.
The Active Shooting Crisis



Notably, every setup, either a business or hospital despite its objectives, does have some
risk aspects that should not be ignored. No one aims at getting the institution in trouble or a
crisis, yet it happens now and then. This means that every institution should have crisis
management culture and protocol in place so that they will know what to do when they get it a
disaster. Unfortunately, at times the disaster that strikes is one that does not necessarily fit with
the protocols in pine, which makes it challenging to handle. Among the majority of the hospital
incidents that happen, an active shooter happens to be one of them. Over the years, active shooter
incidents have been on the rise in health care systems. Most of the time, they are driven by
revenge, a grudge, suicide, euthanasia, or even a prisoner escape. Between 2000-2011, hospitalrelated shootings have increased and were recorded to be at 154 whereby, 63 occurred outside
the hospital grounds while 91 happened inside the hospitals. At the end of the incidents, 45% of
the victims ended up being the shooter while others were innocent bystanders, nurses, and even


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