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Book 2 chapters 25 to 33 in Discourses. What I'd like to do in this forum is engage the major themes in each of these short chapters, and in so doing to also recall earlier discussion we've had about these matters. These include Pagan vs. Judeo-Christian virtues, the Renaissance, modernity, Machiavelli's interest in achievable goals rather than pie-in-the-sky ideals, and his concern to face the stubborn limits to human power (the context here is respect for the eternal winds of fortuna). Use at least 4 qoutes from the chapters and cite with the page numbers.

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Outline: Discussion on Machiavelli
• One of the major themes that is part of the readings is that of transformation.

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Discussion on Machiavelli
One of the major themes that are part of the readings is that of transformation. This theme
mostly comes out in chapters 25 and 26. Societies often go through change, especially when
there are new leaders. However, there are usually instances where some people may reject the
change. This is why Machiavelli advises ensuring that the transformation conscientious...

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