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Reading: Never Let Me Go, chapters 13-17 NOTE: I don't have the book

Purpose: To analyze Ishiguro's social commentary in Never Let Me Go using writing as an exploratory tool

Skills/knowledge practiced: Textual analysis; close reading; writing with citations; use of textual evidence; developing argument; analysis of narrative techniques; genre analysis; following proper MLA formatting guidelines; paraphrasing quotes

Submission instructions: Please submit your 200-400 word response as a Word doc on Blackboard (no paper copies will be accepted). Every submission should include at least one quote from the text.

1 pt. for proper citation use; 1 pt. for proper assignment formatting.

Assignments should be formatted as follows: 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced with header, page numbers, Times New Roman font, Word Count listed, Works Cited page on separate page, submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF. This may seem like a lot but it is the golden standard for document preparation, and if properly followed will make your writing immediately more consistent and easier to read. See the following for an example: MLA Citation Template and Example.pdf

Prompt: Midway through the novel, Ruth's hopes about living a life similar to her "possible" (i.e., the woman after which she was modelled/cloned) are dashed, and she laments that "We're modelled from trash. Junkies, prostitutes, winos, tramps. Convicts, maybe, just so long as they aren't psychos. . . . If you want to look for possibles, if you want to do it properly, then you look in the gutter. You look in rubbish bins. Look down the toilet, that's where you'll find where we all came from" (166). Provide a close reading of this passage and explain the ways in which it reflects Ishiguro's critique of society.

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Ishiguro's critique of society

Kazuo Ishiguro took time to explain the dangers an individual can impose the society to if left to
carry out a scientific release without factoring the ethical implication it ma...

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