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What are some major legal or ethical issues that may occur when staffing, and what steps can we take to ensure that organizational practices are appropriate and effective? Use evidence from the Module Resources to support your responses.

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There are multiple legal and ethical issues during recruitment and selection of potential
applicants. It is essential to be aware of them to minimize risks as well as avoiding cases of
unlawful and discriminatory practices. There are usually standards practices that managers
utilized while conducting staffing either to hire and reward positive staff performance. These
practices should be legally and ethically sound (Blackhurst et al., 2011).
In terms of legal issues, there are cases of discrimination and background checks. Many
managers tend to perform discriminatory background checks as a way of filtering people from
protected classes. For instance, some employers tend to ask a credit check on a potential
applicant (Blackhurst et al., 2011). If the credit check is an excuse for discrimination against a
minority group, then it is considered as a legal issue. Also, contracts with clients is a standard
legal issue during hiring. Disputes tend to arise, and legal counsel should be available to ensure
that there are no potential violations, and the contract is handled effectively (Impact, 2020).
Regarding ethical issues, there is an unethical utilization of social media. For instance,
during staffing, the manager tends to use protected-status data such as age, religion, ethnicity,
and many more against the candidates. Many c...

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