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LSC Alcohol Abuse Among College Students Facts Sheet

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I’m studying for my Nutrition class and need an explanation.

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one page nutrion fact sheet

should be 12 font, Times New Roman, creative and ingenuity is required in the outline and presentation of your fact sheet. ensure to include relevant information that would give an college student who does not know about alcohol abuse all the information to make an informed decision about consuming alcohol.

LSC Alcohol Abuse Among College Students Facts Sheet

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Alcohol Abuse Among College Students Facts Sheet
Causes of College Drinking
❖ More than 60% of students report having
experimented with drinking before
college. Some continue or accelerate
once on campus1.
❖ Stressors such as examinations, and
therefore, alcohol is a way of coping
with academic pressure.
❖ Environmental changes such as meeting
new people for the first time and living
away from parents.
❖ The most significant factor is
unstructured time: parties and soci...

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