PSY 550 WCCCD Prejudice and Discrimination Literature Review

PSY 550

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Henrietta Earle
March 21,2020




As globalization expands, people from different ethnicity and backgrounds come
together. However, due to their differences, prejudice and discrimination prevails and the groups
that are considered inferior are mostly disadvantaged. The aim of this study is to identify factors
that enable prejudice and discrimination to exist in the modern society of inclusivity and
appreciation of diversity. The study aims at answering the research question “What are the key
issues that lead to prejudice and discrimination in our society?”. The research adapts both
observational and experimental methodology. The researcher will observe the interaction
between white boys and black boys in a school environments. A case-control study for the
observational data analysis will be adapted. For the experimental research a sample of 10 male
science students and 5 female science students will be used, where they will be involved in
discussions and number of interactions recorded. Findings will be presented in tabular form and
conclusions will be drawn from the discussion.
Key word: Discrimination, Prejudice, interactions.

Modern society is made up of people from different backgrounds and ethnicity which was
brought about by globalization. The intermixing of people has brought about prejudice and
discrimination which affects the minorities. Prejudice is the unjustified attitude which is usually
negative towards people based on their social group and standing in society. Discrimination, on
the other hand, is the negative behavior towards a person or a group of people based on social
standing in society. Prejudice and discrimination affect people negatively since this behavior



attacks a person’s situation that they have no control over. People are mostly attacked by these
behaviors based on their genders, race, sexual preferences, religion, and social class among others.
Prejudice and discrimination brings a divide in society and negatively affects the mental state of
the minorities. This begs the question, what are the key issues that lead to prejudice and
discrimination in our society?
This study aims to identify factors that enable prejudice and discrimination to exist in the
modern society of inclusivity and appreciation of diversity. People understand the importance of
respecting the diverse cultures that make up our societies but prejudice and discrimination are still
rampant. These behaviors can be harmful to society by causing a major divide but the difference
between the two is that prejudice does not evoke action as a result of the attitude a person has
whereas, discrimination evokes certain actions that align with the attitudes of a person. A person
may be prejudiced but not discriminative. Discrimination is the evil of the two behaviors ...

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