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Answer 3 of 5 of the questions in a discussion post after reading the powerpoint attached.

1. How does gender influence the way we describe sexuality?

2. What does it mean to say that Gender is performative? What examples can you provide that support this?

3. How does Intersexuality challenge the belief that gender is inherent and support the idea that gender is performative?

4. How does language support the performativity of gender? How does language enforce the collective meaning about Gender?

5. If Gender was inherent and essential to all of us, why do we have collective ideas on what makes a man or a woman? A set of beliefs for how men or women should act, careers they should have, etc.?

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GENDER’S RELATIONSHIP TO SEXUALITY HUMAN SEXUALITY 3.26.20 ◦ ATDc Watch Judith Butler and Gender Performativity Judith Butler on Gender ◦ Gender is performative: creates a series of effects and meanings (this is difference from performance) ◦ Performance: Acting, taking on a role, individualized ◦ Performative: series of repeated acts that create and symbolize collective meaning ◦ Traditional conventional beliefs characterize gender as something inherent, essential, internal in all of us ◦ Gender is actually a set of meanings that are constantly being produced and reproduced through our performative acts such as language, laws, representations, etc. These meanings/symbols that construct Gender changes over time Watch intersex documentary READ WORDSLUT, CHAPTER 2 READ DUDE, YOU’RE A FAG CHAPTER 1 “MAKING MASCULINITY” Gender’s Relationship to Sexuality ◦ Gender influences the way we perceive sexual behavior and sexuality, both culturally and individually because we define sexuality in relation to the gender of the people performing sexual acts or possessing sexual desire. ◦ For example: ◦ Straight= attraction between men and women ◦ Gay= Attraction between men ◦ Lesbian= Attraction between two men ◦ Bisexuality= Attraction to multiple genders ◦ Our social attitudes towards sexuality and gender are influenced by each other ANSWER DISCUSSION BOARD ...
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Gender and Sexuality




How does gender influence the way we describe sexuality?
In a nutshell, gender refers to societal expectations or norms that are linked to the manner
that men and women should act or behave. On the other side, sexuality will encompass one’s
sexual attitudes, behaviors, and feelings towards other people. With that in mind, there are
numerous instances whereby gender tends to influence sexuality in many ways. To start with, the
societal expectations that are placed on a particular gender will influence a person’s sexual
behavior and attitude. That is based on the assumption that a man and a woman are supposed to
behave di...

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