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I don’t know how to handle this Literature question and need guidance.

i have 5 bodies essay due in 3 hours , i already wrote 3 bodies, i need someone who knows about Logos, Ethos and Pathos to write 2 more bodies and maybe fix the one i wrote.

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In any form of writing, authors try to find their means of passing the intended
message. The article "The Beauty of Being Bilingual" by Natalia is a typical piece showing
the essential dynamics of knowing more than one language. The article appears as published
in the New York Times and is very eloquent in the message it passes. Some of the
conventional techniques are ethos, logos, and pathos. Students in high school or colleges who
are learning other languages can find the article very substantial. Those people in foreign
countries can also benefit from the article. Natalia insists that in as much as people do not
find interest in knowing more than one language, it is necessary and beneficial. According to
her, being bilingual does not only make her a good writer but also be all-rounded socially.
When targeting an audience, it is important to know which techniques will persuade the
audience into seeing the sense of the presented work, and Natalie does this best by applying
ethos, logos and pathos in her article.
The word ethos comes from the term ethics. Ethos aims at appealing to an audience
based on credibility and character. This means that the work presented by an author should be
ethical. The authors reputation precedes her due to the organization...

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