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Assess yourself as a leader and what you have learned so far. Answer the following questions as a self assessment

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1. Self-Assessments: 1. Based on Satterthwaite & Millard’s Leadership Style Profiler, pp. 107-121 List what seems to be the relative order of priority you are likely to attach to task people and learning issues if you were managing someone: 1. When you are not feeling any strong emotions about what is happening: (the natural preference is to give up priority to task issues before attending to people or learning issues. ) 1. When you feel that things are going well: 1. When you are in a management situation that is stressful for you: b) Reflecting on the Self-Insights that you did in Daft Chapters 6, 7 &10: 1. What are three things you learned that might prove helpful for either being a leader and/or being a follower in your future career? ( 1, the importance of teamwork, 2, how teamwork works successfully, 3, how to be a moral leader) 2. “Answers & Questions” from Readings: Daft Chapter 6 1. In what types of situations might being a “Servant Leader” work for you? And in what types of situations might this strategy be unlikely to work very well for you? 1. What is the one thing that you feel it is most important for you to remember about “moral leadership”? 1. What further questions do you have about moral leadership after reading this chapter? Daft Chapter 7 (this chapter is mainly talking about the power of followership) 1. Given your preferred “styles of followership” right now (Self-Insight 7.1), do you feel you should make some changes in your thinking and behavior so that you can be more effective as a follower in the future? And what might these changes be? 1. Which of the “tactics for managing up” would be easiest for you to use? And which of these tactics do you believe is important but will be difficult for you to do? 1. What strategies might you use to make yourself become a more effective at “managing up”? Daft Chapter 10 1. What are the most important things for you to remember if you are to become an effective member of an important team in your future career? (LEADING A TEAM TO HIGH PERFORMANCE: 1)Compelling Purpose, Clear Objectives, and Explicit Metrics, 2)A Diversity of Skills and Unambiguous Roles., 3) Streamlined Team Size.,4)Decision Authority Over How to Achieve Goals.5)Support and Coaching. 1. What are the most important things for you to remember if you are leading a team in your future career? Satterthwaite & Millard Chapter 2 1. Describe a situation real (or made up) where taking a “Power Pause to Think TPL” could help you become a better team leader and/or team contributor. 3. Presentations & Discussions From Previous Class: Reflect on the issues and strategies discussed during the last class and briefly answer the following question: 1. Given your current career plans, were there any issues and/or strategies discussed during class that you feel might be particularly useful for you to know more about? If yes, what were they and why might they be important? 4. Personal Experience 1. Have you made any personal use recently of things you have learned in this course? 1. If yes, what did you do and how is it working out for you? 5. Term Paper Research 1. Describe in several sentences the topic you have chosen to explore for the term paper you will be writing for this course. 1. How might this topic be related to your future career plans? 1. What do you find most motivating and least motivating about doing this paper? 1. Where might you find useful information about your topic? (Think about what sources might give relevant, credible and expert information.) 1. What areas might you need help with from a JWU librarian research coach? 6. Anything Else? Is there anything else you would like to add to your personal journal this week? ...
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Reflection Journal



Question a; List the relative order of priority you are likely to attach to task, people and
learning issues if you were managing someone.
When not feeling any strong emotions about what is happening


Learning issues


When feeling that things are going well


Learning issues


When managing a stressful situation



Learning issues

Question b; Three things that I have learnt that might be helpful in being a leader or a
follower in the future.
The three thing that I have learned are the importance of team work, com...

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