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The final paper will be your opportunity to present a plan and objectives for providing logistic support to a fictional disaster situation. Although every situation encountered has its own unique requirements in order to successfully support the operation, there are basic actions taken pre-, intra- and post that should be followed. Incorporate what you have learned in policy, practice and possibly personal experience and develop an operational (tactical) plan- focused on logistics support- to ensure that disaster operations go smoothly. The goal of your paper should not to create the “perfect solution”; more it should be an examination/analysis of the situation at hand, and your role as a disaster logistician to assist the Incident Commander in supporting emergency operations.

The final paper is due no later than Friday of Week 14 so that we have ample time to grade them before grades are due (which is one weekend after the course ends). Choose one of the 3 scenarios listed below and write a 3000-word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident.

You may select one of the topics for your paper:

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  • A community of approximately 10,000 has been exposed to an unknown virus. It appears to be spread by contact. At present, only a small portion of the population is affected. Government leaders and health officials are contemplating community containment. Discuss how you, as the logistic chief, would supply and support emergency operations, what agencies would you seek support from, and establish points of distribution.

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Logistic Management Disasters
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Community exposure to the unknown viruses can be a life-threatening and critical
occurrence. The condition needs proactive measures to contain the virus through massive
prevention of its spread and treatment of the victim. The goals of the operations include
prevention interventions, treatment options available for the virus, and community-based relief
support. The role of the logistical chief is to enhance the coordination of the number of different
agencies that are responsible for containing the situation as a key epidemic. This is done through
a timely supply of materials and the routine flow of information related to the virus. With the
population of 10,000, the disease can easily be transmitted to the population through contact.
Therefore, unless the community victims undergo the isolation process, it is projected that the
virus can easily spread to various parts of the world. Research shows that physical intervention is
the most critical tool when it comes to controlling the unknown virus. One challenge faced is the
lack of specified preparedness to such a particular outbreak, and it is, therefore, necessary to put
into consideration medical research to establish both vaccine and the cure. Whenever the virus is
massively controlled, it will be extensively easy to come up with the post-basic actions which are
needed for the future intervention process. All the response intervention processes require the
reliable and established logistic service to contain the condition within the shortest time possible.
This work presents a discussion on how me, as a logistic chief, would supply and support
emergency operations, what agencies to seek support from and the establishment of the points of
Supply and support emergency operations for the virus
As a chief logistic officer, developing cogent and supply chain and support emergency
operations for the virus exposure is extensively challenging phenomena. This is due to the idea

that the scale of the crisis and the rate through which the virus is evolving is not known. As such,
the best option for addressing the challenge is to be ready for the crisis before it hits. Advanced
preparation is important because the options become more limited whenever the disruption of the
challenge is in full swing (Kovács, & Spens, 2020). There are, however, important measures that
can be adopted now even if the disaster organization is not fully prepared. While the issue of the
long-term consequence is yet to be rolled out, the virus which spread by contact provides critical
lessons about how the organization can be prepared to deal with future cases of large scale crisis.
Below are the recommended supply and support emergency operations for the virus:
Start with people in companies and other social gatherings
The first action of mitigating the impact of the crisis on the supply chain is to begin
encouraging the people to keep the social distance. Statistics show that during the eruption of the
coronavirus in China, the companies that recovered fastest were the companies that were traced
to have dispersed their employees (Özdamar et al. 2014). The work practices are so crucial when
dealing with the pandemic. Since the spread of the virus is through the contact, the social
gatherings should be banned for at least 40 days as the medical department tries to contain the
issue. The government must give out regulations that demand people to stay one meter apart.
Maintaining healthy skepticism
Extensive studies reveal that accurate information is a rare commodity during the early
stages of emerging disasters. This is seen mostly whenever the government incentivized in
keeping the population and the business community calm amid the crisis. As such, impact reports
about a particular crisis are normally amplified. However, the local people have over the ...


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