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Georgia State University The Best and Worst Manager Reflective Paper

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The assignment should be typewritten and double-spaced, using 1-inch margins and size 12 fonts.

The Reflective Paper needs to be a maximum of three pages in length. You are encouraged to write a rich, detailed entry rather than short, superficial comments or observations.


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CHOOSE ONLY ONE APPLICATION Application 3-6 Explain how your need for achievement, power, and/or affiliation has affected your behavior, or that of someone you work with or have worked with. What were the consequences of the behavior, and was the need satisfied? Application 4-6 Identify your present or past manager. Can the characteristics of followers, task, and/ or the organization substitute for this leader? In other words, is his or her leadership necessary? Application 5-1 Select a present or past manager who has or had coercive power. Give a specific example of how he or she uses or used reward and punishment to achieve an objective. Overall, how effective is (or was) this manager at using rewards and punishment? Application 6-6 Recall the best and worst manager you ever had. With which manager did you have the best working relationship? Which one gave you the most encouragement, praise, and recognition for a job well done? Which one gave you the most negative criticism? Was your performance at a higher level for your best or worst manager? Application 7-3 Recall an occasion when you had the opportunity to make a positive first impression on your manager. Describe what tactics you employed and their effects on your manager. Application 7-4 Think of a leader you’ve had or now have a very positive high-quality relationship with. Describe some of the work-related benefits you received that can be directly or indirectly tied to your relationship with this leader/supervisor. Part II: Reflective Paper: The assignment should be typewritten and double-spaced, using 1-inch margins and size 12 fonts. • The Reflective Paper needs to be a maximum of three pages in length. You are encouraged to write a rich, detailed entry rather than short, superficial comments or observations. • **Choose one (1) of the Work Application Exercises from the chapters to use as your concrete experience. The Reflective Paper should include all four of the following components, which are based on Kolb’s Learning Model: Concrete Experience (Taken from Work Application above**) • Describe your feelings, perceptions, and thoughts that occurred during the experience. Reflective Observation • Looking back at the experience, what were the perspectives of those involved? • Why did the people involved behave as they did? Abstract Conceptualization • Relate concepts or theories from the assigned readings or the lecture to the experience. • Explain how they apply to your experience. Active Experimentation • What did you learn from this experience? • What action steps will you take to be more effective in the future? ...
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Reflection Paper: The Best and Worst Manager

Concrete Experience
In my first job as a management trainer, my manager was the best. This manager would
involve us in making decisions concerning the college. It is during this decision-making processes
that we would come up with the goals and objectives that we need to achieve within a specific
period of time. The manager regarded all of us leaders and always expected us to perform without
being supervised. However, another manager was brought in to the college after the other was
promoted. At first, I expected the new manager to be like his predecessor. However, things started
in the second week of her arriving. She led us by giving instructions and targets which seemed
unreasonable at some point. We were all working under pressure to meet these targets to avoid
being reprimanded in the following staff meeting. From these two managers, I enjoyed working
with the first one who recognized us as his colleagues. He created a good working relationship not
just for me but the majority of the staff in the college.
Reflective Observation
The first manager whom I had a good working relationship gave me a lot of encouragement
while at the workplace. I remember this manager showing me how to prepare balanced scorecard
and encouraging to learn more about other important procedures not only for the job I was doing
but also to acquire knowledge for future tasks whether in that job in the college or other
organizations. He created a relaxed environment such that everyone one of us wanted to work
around him. Although this manager created a good working environment, he rarely praised people
for performing well. It was the second manager who believed that recognition motivated people to
perform better. She often recognized my diligence in my duties. I also remember that it was the
manager who negatively criticized me for a mistake I did for a whole year. She made me feel like
I had failed the whole year. Although most of us thought that the new manager was very strict, I

found myself performing better than under the previous manager. I realized that because of the
targets, we were pressured to perform better. These targets kept me working since I did not want
to be criticized for poor performance by the manager. All the staf...

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