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Quiz based on textbook Chapters 13, as well as Lecture 9. Type up your answers in a Microsoft Word document and submit it to this link. Your responses are worth 2 points each (10 points total). Each of your answers should not exceed 3-4 sentences in length.

1. Explain the main difference between the anti-slavery movement and abolitionism.

2. Explain the main issues with the Fugitive Slave Act issued in 1850.

3. Explain the origins of the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

4. Explain the significance of the Dred Scott decision.

5. Explain the background to the Election of 1860

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History 1301

Main Difference between the Anti-slavery Movement and Abolitionism

The proponents of anti-slavery in America claimed to oppose slavery but did not entirely
subscribe to the absolute abolition. On the other hand, the abolitionists were utterly against any
form of slavery. Foner (2017) submits the abolitionist movement comprised northerners whose
view was that all slaves needed to have freedom...

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