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Assignment #1 (15% of the final grade)

After listening to the podcast: The State of Patient Experience, consider the evolving landscape of healthcare and answer the following questions incorporating your own thoughts and ideas.

Your submission should be in narrative format and be 3-5 pages in length (including a cover page and a reference page). Please feel free to utilize reputable, outside sources when formulating your answers.

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  1. Discuss and explain your opinions on how healthcare organizations can standardize and prioritize patient safety as a strategic priority.
  2. Where do you think healthcare organizations are regarding transparency in their information (patient safety, outcomes of patient care, healthcare grades/scores)? Consider public reporting. Have there been improvements in transparency or is there much work to be done? Do you think transparency drives change? Explain your position.
  3. What good things do you think healthcare reform has brought to healthcare? Do you think healthcare reform can be easily linked to patient safety, equality in service, and patient experience? Explain your position.
  4. What critical issues should healthcare organizations prioritize? Consider such items as market share and patient experience.

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The State of Patient Experience



The State of Patient Experience

In my opinion, healthcare organizations should recognize the quality and safety of care as
crucial aspects of delivering effective and responsive healthcare. Healthcare organizations can
utilize information centered trigger models. They can also make use of a review graph audit that
applies codes to ensure that patients are safe. Regular self-assessment can also be implemented
to help improve safety within healthcare organizations (Richter & Muhlestein, 2017). The
approach is centered on identifying error-prone or processes linked with high risks and applying
the necessary mitigation measures that can enhance patient safety.
Other than implementing the voluntary reporting technology, healthcare facilities should
consider the adoption of standardized as well as user-friendly and accessible technologies that
can supplement the paperwork being executed by an independent workforce within the
healthcare teams (Merlino, 2016). With such technologies in place, it would be easy for both
patients and their caregivers to have convenience in reporting to the healthcare professions
regarding any safety violation or injuries using technologies such as emails and telephone calls.
The healthcare sector has undergone an immense transformation over the years. The
changing demands from the clients have brought these transitions, developments in the industry
service framework as well as improvement in patient safety (Merlino, 2016). As such, healthcare
providers continue to invest more resources towards the development of systems that can
enhance the level of safety for clients seeking healthcare service...

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