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You are part of the foreign exchange desk at Barclays. You are approached by a multibillionaire that wants to move from the USA to Vietnam to set up his businesses and plans to retire in Hanoi. the billionaire has asked you to provide him with all the risks and advantage of moving his money to Vietnam. Most importantly the billionaire is concerned about the value of bank accounts and products moving to and from Vietnam. The billionaire has ask for a brief document on the these risk and advantages. Be to discuss the following: exchange rates of the two countries, the interest rates of the two countries, purchasing power, and other topics as it concerns the financial situation.

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Surname 1
DATE: March 28, 2020
SUBJECT: Risks and Advantages of Moving Money into Vietnam; Including the Value of Bank
Accounts and Products.

I am writing to inform you of the risks and advantages of transferring money and investments
from the United States to Vietnam.
Vietnam is generally an emerging market attractive to the world’s largest dynamic economies.
Major cities such as Hanoi offer significant and attractive business opportunities to domestic and
foreign investors. The country also enjoys political stability, which has improved economic
growth attractive for foreign investments.
Given the global economic recession that affected most parts of South East Asia, Vietnam’s
Growth Domestic Product is relatively stable at approximately seven percent, which is forecas...

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