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CSU Operating System Security Need for Evidence Based Framing Strategies Discussion

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The organization you work for currently lacks operating system security and uses various Windows and Linux systems that run various Enterprise Resource Planning software. Your CIO is concerned that sensitive data on the servers is at risk.

She asks you to write a report detailing a defense in depth approach for securing data on both operating systems. Consider all standards and processes required to secure the various operating systems. Include at least one security control for each layer of defense.

Your well-developed report must meet the following requirements.

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Final Answer


Operating System Security – Outline
Thesis statement: Securing information by impacting security controls has substantial
benefits in all organizations. Preventing un authorized access to the system ensures that data
is safe from being stolen or corrupted
II.Operating system security
III.Security measures


Operating System Security




Operating System Security
In modern society, computers have become an integral part of people, helping in every
aspect of life from communicating, studying, banking, shopping, and many others. Due to
technology growth, it is has become a necessity to protect information. Operating system
security is fundamental to keep your information safe and protect your computer from intruders.
Operating system security refers to the process of protecting the OS from threats, malware, and
other intrusions (Giuffrida, Kuijsten & Tanenbaum, 2012). The idea of developing an
organizational OS security measures is a significant process to ensure the availability of
information to users, and the computer is safe and secure.
It defines the security measures a company is willing to necessary implement to certify
the reliable operation of critical and vital information and systems. System access threats fall into
two categories, namely malicious software and intruders. Malware can be divided into two broad
terms, namely parasitic and independent. Parasitic malware cannot exist on their but rather use
system program to operate. Autonomous malware can run on their own and cause significant
damage to the system and include boot programs and worms. All computers face security issues,
making companies develop security measures that will secure, document, and maintain it while
providing services to
There are a lot of digital attacks which can affect a system, networks, computers,
program leading to loss of information. Hackers use infected web pages and malicious websites
to gain illegal access to computers to get specific details. This can ruin a company's...

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