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This week you chose a topic that you will focus on for the remainder of the course and will be looking at through each of the lenses in this module. Your topic options were special education and learning disabilities, the World Trade Organization, or space exploration. In your initial post, identify which of the topics you chose, discuss why you chose that topic, and share two questions that you developed in your KWL chart for your chosen topic.

In your responses to your peers, locate two peers who chose the same topic you did. Discuss the questions they shared in their initial post. Have the articles that you read in Module Four answered any of their questions? If so, share an example from one of the articles that answers the question they posed. If not, discuss your mutual interest and potential next steps to continue investigating the topic and seeking out answers to their unanswered questions. If you happen to choose a topic that no other classmates have chosen, you may choose to respond to any two peers. Review their chosen topic and the questions they posed, and share what you wonder about with regard to their chosen topic.

Be sure to credit any sources you use to support your answer, including articles posted in the course.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


The topic I have chosen for my project is, science exploration. This topic is something that has interested me since I was a small child. When I was younger, I wanted to be a theoretical physicist. Looking through my telescope at night and viewing portions of our magnificent galaxy is still one of my favorite hobbies. I will never forget the first time I saw Saturn’s rings with my own eyes; I cried, it actually changed something inside me. I've been addicted to the study of our universe ever since.

When looking through the social science lens of my topic, one of the most intriguing aspects of space exploration to me is, what is our place in the universe? It is a question that really began to sit heavy with me after I watched, Dr. Seuss’s, Horton Hears a Who. I feel like we are very similar to the whos in the sense that we are no more than a tiny speck, on a tiny ball in a massive space. This question has me constantly reading articles and watching videos about my chosen topic.

Another question I frequently ask myself I believe falls under the natural science lens; will we get to a point in which the development of new technology is at a standstill, and we can longer explore beyond what we are capable of at the time? Or a point where the length of time to wait for new technology, or the financial resources to design and build it loses our interest in exploring any further? We still have so much to learn about our own solar system that I wonder if, at some point, we decide to give up on space beyond our home system to focus on what we do have the ability to explore.

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The topic I chose to research is special education and learning disabilities. I picked this topic because of my 13 year old little brother that is on the spectrum of autism so naturally I gravitated to this. He is a really talented kid and he loves to draw. He is so good that all he has to do is pause a scene on television and sketch the cartoon in a particular scene and it looks spot on. He can tell you what year and date any animation series started and ended. As well as even give you the viewers count. He is so smart and magical to me. He doesn't understand why he has to be in certain classes with other kids that he feels are different from him. This past school year has been tough for him being its his first year in junior high and all he wants is to be in all "regular" classes he says. He just doesn't understand why he has to be separate from his other friends. I'm hoping one day he realizes that his weakness to him is actually his greatest strength.

These are two of my questions I stated in my KWL Chart:

1. Can any learning disability be reversed or cured?

2. Does the age of a mother at time of conception make learning disability chances higher for unborn child?

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The topic I chose is about space exploration; space exploration is something that I
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