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Part 1

Think about the best leaders you've ever worked with.

  • What made them stand out as exceptional?
  • What did they do, or not do?

Part 2

Until 1677 and the creation of the Statute of Frauds in England, all contracts could be either written or oral and yet be equally binding on the parties. After 1677, the law required certain types of contracts (such as contracts to buy or sell land) to be both made in writing and executed with the physical signatures of all of the parties involved. At any time thereafter, either party could challenge authenticity of the physical signature of his/her own handwriting or the handwriting of the other party. Recently, with the increase of eCommerce, electronic signature (non-physical) has become as equally binding as the physical signature with severe limitation allowed in challenging the authenticity. Has this developed out of necessity, or have we simply moved too far with the law accommodating the digital age?

Each part needs to be around 500 words.

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Running head: LEADERSHIP


Leadership and Technology Approval.
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Part 1
Leadership Qualities
Leadership is an essential position in every institution. The smallest societal institution
being the family has a father or mother as the head. Leaders are bestowed with the responsibility
to lead the subjects to achieve a desired goal or objective. Some claim leadership is God-given
while others believe leadership can be natured, taught and learned in academic institutions
(Goodwin, 2019). However, leadership styles vary from one individual to the other due to core
values, background and beliefs. Worldwide, political leaders seem to be at the helm in matters
leadership. Barrack Obama, the 44th president of America, remains to be one of the favourite
leaders the world has.
A leader steps away from the public by being bold in his/her undertakings. In whichever
activity they take on, they do it with boldness and thus acquiring the back-up from the team
because he can represent them boldly. Courage does not translate to rudeness, where a leader
believes they are all-knowing. However, it means that a leader is well in a position to protect the
team against attack from other quotas but then again can listen to his/her juniors. A good leader
stands out for his/her ability to teach and guide (Novo et al., 2017). Leadership is all about
impacting those under you by ensuring they willingly perform the...

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