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Power-Point presentation must contain 800 words or more and some other form of media, music, art, etc. Presentation must have a title page and MLA style citation/works cited.

The chosen figure/place/event/item should be known before 1600 CE and be primarily legendary or mythological, not historical. The presentation needs to include a combination of information and analysis, so make sure to choose a figure, etc. that lends itself to analysis.

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Literary Analysis: Easter Holyday
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• The Easter celebration has been a great event for the Christian communities across
the globe.

• For most, it is time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It represents to them the
concept of life after death.

• Over time, since its initiation in Nicaea in AD 325, the event has gone through
multiple transitions. This includes multiple changes in the symbols.

• The eastern traditions have contributed so much in the adoption of new symbols
into the culture. One of the most outstanding symbols is the Easter bunny.

The Easter Bunny

• The Easter Holy day is based on the Christian

mythology regarding the afterlife. For the
Christian community, the concept of death after
life is believed. Once an individual days, it is not
the end of life. There is resurrection.

• The Easter festive is meant to celebrate the

resurrection of Jesus Christ and to give hope to
the believers. It is an assurance to them that their
sins were washed away by the death of Christ on
the cross. The Mythology also commemorates
sharing through the various events involved during
the Holy Week which comes before the Easter

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