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HIV Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome as Communicable Disease Research Paper

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Your first paper will be on communicable disease. Select a disease of your choosing that is classified as a communicable disease.

Provide a complete explanation of:

  • etiology and mechanism of disease
  • signs and symptoms
  • diagnostic methods
  • pathology, systems effected
  • prognosis, treatments, might we expect a chronic phase?
  • public health impact; who does this effect, how, why, where?
  • technological and research advancements on the horizon.

Students should rely on academic literature and reputable information sources. Papers should be a minimum of 5 pages of text, double spaced, maximum of 8. Minimum of five sources required. The paper and bibliography should be formatted in APA style. Please provide sub-headings to organize your material. If you are not familiar with APA style, I recommend reviewing directions through the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). They cover all the requirements extensively. We will also go over this briefly in class.

You may use only 1 website as a source. Rely on published literature from academic journals as much as possible. Often, when you find information on a website (like the CDC) they have gathered that from their own published literature. Look for a citation or PDF that you can use as your source, instead of citing the URL.

Grades are based on content (70%), and Mechanics (30%). See the attached rubric for more information on how grades will be assessed.

I encourage you to visit the writing center as you edit your paper. Students who visit the writing center will receive an automatic 2 point addition to their paper grade (for each paper). Just make sure to tell them which class and instructor this paper is for.

Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

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HIV/AIDS as A Communicable Disease
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Communicable diseases are those that can be transmitted from one person to another
through interaction, such as physical contacts, droplets, and interaction with discharges and
secretions (Mykhalovskiy & Namaste, 2019). Among the communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS is
one of them that poses a global threat to the persons affected. Human immunodeficiency virus is
one of the global threats that has been giving the world Health Organization (WHO) a challenge
to control (Salem et al., 2018). The following is a discussion on HIV/AIDS as a communicable
Etiology and mechanism of disease
HIV/AIDS is caused by a virus Human immunodeficiency virus that attacks the body
cells of the body responsible for fighting infections. The leucocytes are incapacitated since the
virus attacks them and limits the quality operations as per the physiological needs of the body.
HIV precisely attacks and kills the CD4 cells hence exposing the body to an adverse immune
vulnerability that limits the operational competence; hence the body is exposed to a plethora of
The virus is acquired through the exchange of body fluids such as blood, saliva, and
semen (Mykhalovskiy & Namaste, 2019). Usually, the virus attacks the system and weakens
immunity by reducing the capacity to contain the infection, making it difficult for an infected
person to survive. The CD4 cells and T-helper cells assist in boosting immunity, but with the
increased infection rate, it becomes a challenge and reduces the quality of the processes hence
making things adverse (Gomez 2019). The slow death of the leucocytes results in deteriorated
health and reduced immunity hence making things bad and unmanageable (Salem et al., 2018).



HIV/AIDS can also be transmitted from mother to child during birth when septic deliveries and a
lack of standard control protocols are applied in the healthcare setting.
Signs and symptoms
An individual manifests with different signs and symptoms based on the progression
stage of the disease (Mykhalovskiy & Namaste, 2019). Also, antiretroviral therapy is required so
that the immunity can be supported and challenges mitigated for effective and better control
techniques. The following are some signs and symptoms of the HIV/AIDS disease:
Following infection, there is the window period and asymptomatic stage. There are no
visible mani...

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