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chapter 15 the halo effect: the science of attraction

How do we make judgments about other people? First impressions do matter. The halo effect occurs when we have an initial favorable impression about someone, based on a quality we like. We then tend to view them more positively overall, and also tend to downplay or disregard negative qualities.

View the video linked below. Why might the halo effect occur? Why might we be biased based upon our initial impression of someone? Answer both questions for full credit; 10 points awarded for each fully developed answer to each question. The Halo Effect - Science of Attraction

chapter 15 Gender Bias critical thinking

Consider the following short video. What do you think leads to gender bias? Do you think there is still a gender bias in our society? Please develop your answer fully.

Are Men Smarter? Sexism in the Classroom Video.mp4

chapter 15 emotional ig critical thinking 1/2 page answer minimum

The Big Five trait theory describes 5 essential traits that comprise the personality. lal 5 traits combine in a traditionally desirable direction, the core of the factor is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand & regulate your own emotions (particularly anger), the ability to control your own impulses and delay gratification, the ability to understand the feelings of others (empathy), and the ability to read social situations). It is believed that having a high emotional intelligence is one of the best predictors of a successful life, however the individual chooses to define the goals in that life.

View the following video. What are some ways that we can develop Emotional I.Q. in children? What about in ourselves?

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Chapter 15 the halo effect: the science of attraction
Enthusiasm and positive attitude of the first video created a hallo effect that clouded the
girls’ judgment making them accept his message in a more positive way. Personality traits
desired in a person are reflected in facial preference making people judge facial attractiveness
more. We realize that most people judge someone’s character using the positive characteristic
they like which at times end up blinding us to any negative character that one may possess hence
making wrong decis...

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