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In Milestone One, you determined your company's general hardware and software needs. Once those needs are established, how do you determine the specific hardware components needed to complete a task for a particular type of business or organization? As you complete this milestone, recall the material discussed in the last milestone assignment.

Overview: Basic knowledge of computers is practically essential for productively engaging in twenty-first-century life. Working knowledge of computer platform technologies impacts everyone from help desk personnel and field technicians to project managers and business executives. In order to make sound business decisions, one must have the ability to analyze business needs and compare available computer technology options for effectively meeting those needs.

Scenario: You have been hired as an IT consultant by an entrepreneur starting a small advertising company called MilleniAds. As a start-up, your client’s company is relatively small and has a limited budget. There are only 10 employees, including a few creative directors, graphic designers, sales staff, a financial accountant, and an office administrator, with the entrepreneur acting as CEO. The current IT budget cannot exceed $25,000 and ideally should come in as far under that number as possible. MilleniAds will produce customized sales flyers, brochures, and other branded items, such as letterhead and business cards, that apply a youthful, fresh perspective targeting millennial demographics. Therefore, the company needs the ability to store and manipulate digital images and to produce physical copies of their products for their clients. The CEO wants to keep track of inventory, sales, and expenses digitally, but she does not anticipate having very complex records for the first year. She projects having only a dozen or so accounts but hopes to scale up in the coming years. It would be ideal to have a simple and user-friendly system for sharing information and files between employees. Many of the employees are millennials themselves who have indicated that their current desktop PCs are limiting their capabilities and that they prefer using their phones and other mobile devices for their professional and personal responsibilities. Two of the 10 employees will operate primarily outside of the office, soliciting business from regional firms, and they will need to access company information while on the road, in their home offices, and at customer sites.

Beyond the specific information given above, you have the ability to fill in the gaps with assumptions or additional details that will make your final project unique and meaningful to you. If you have any questions, reach out to your instructor for guidance.

Prompt: Given the scenario above, what are the best hardware, software, networking, and information security options for addressing your client’s business needs?

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

II. Hardware Components

A. Examine the business’s issues to determine specific hardware requirements. Based on these issues, what are the major categories and components of hardware that should be considered? Identify each of the applicable requirements (hard drive storage, video cards, etc.), being sure to cite specific examples wherever appropriate.

B. Then, compare and contrast the various options for meeting the requirements. Be sure to cite specific evidence from the component specification fact sheets to support your evaluation. What are their functional strengths and weaknesses? How do they compare in terms of cost and maintainability?

C. Compose a final list detailing all of your specific hardware recommendations for your client. Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best possible choice for meeting the business requirements.

IT 201 DCG Computers Basic Knowledge IT Consultant Scenario Hardware Components Essay
IT 201 DCG Computers Basic Knowledge IT Consultant Scenario Hardware Components Essay

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MilleniAds Hardware Requirements 1 MilleniAds Hardware Requirements Paper Final Project Milestone Two IT-201 – Computer Platform Technologies By Your Name Here Date MilleniAds Hardware Requirements 2 MilleniAds Hardware Requirements Paper Background Information Provide the introduction and background information for your topic or paper. Hardware Requirements Section Instructions: Provide the required information per the instructions from milestone two in a well-articulated and error free manner. This section would address A under hardware. Specifically, based on the issues described in the milestone scenario, what are the major categories and components of hardware that needs to be considered for MilleniAds? Identify each of the following requirements: hard drive storage, video cards, type of computers, and memory. Remember to proper reference any information you cite from any resource on your Reference page. Compare and Contrast Hardware Requirements Section Instructions: Provide the required information per the instructions from milestone two in a well-articulated and error free manner. This section would address B under hardware requirements. COMPARE & CONTRAST the different hardware requirements you mentioned above in section A. Be sure that you cite specific evidence from the component specifications fact sheet for the product from the product manufacturer. Identify the functional strengths and weaknesses of each hardware component selected. How do the different components compare in terms of cost and maintainability? Make sure you provide specific evidence that supports your evaluation. YOU MUST COMPARE AND CONTRAST TO EARN FULL POINTS FOR THIS SECTION!!!! MilleniAds Hardware Requirements Final List of Specific Hardware Recommendations Provide the required information per the instructions from milestone two in a wellarticulated and error free manner. This section would address C under hardware components. Compose a final list of hardware recommendations, include all details that supports your selected components for your client. Make sure you logically justify your proposal as the best possible choice for MilleniAds’ business requirements. 3 MilleniAds Hardware Requirements 4 References Refer to the APA reference guide I provided on the formatting of your reference sheet. Remember all references are to be in alphabetical order by author’s last name. Remember you need to provide a reference for all information you take from another company’s website. See my minor example below: Dobbie, A., Rhodes, M., Tysinger, J., & Freeman, J. (2004). Using a Modified Nominal Group Technique as a Curriculum Evaluation Tool. Family Medicine. Flock, E. (2012, August 1). Federal Deficit Highest Since 1940s. Retrieved November 16, 2012, from U.S. News: Haider, D. (2012, June 14). Simpson-Bowles: It’s Back, and Better than Ever. Retrieved November 17, 2012, from Bloomberg: Hall, E. (2012, November 16). U.S. National Debt Clock. Retrieved November 16, 2012, from Money Watch. (2012). Sequestration and the IDEA. Retrieved November 16, 2012, from IDEA Money Watch: d=60&Itemid=72 Skulmoski, G., Hartman, F., & Krahn, J. (2007). The Delphi Method for Graduate Research. Journal of Information Technology Education. Running Head: MilleniAds’ BUSINESS REQUIMENTS 1 MilleniAds' BUSINESS REQUIMENTS Student Name Institutional affiliations date MilleniAds’ BUSSINESS REQIREMENTS 2 MilleniAds' BUSINESS NEEDS. In today's world, while starting a business, whether online or offline, computer knowledge is very vital. The business organization's CEO should ensure almost all of his staff understand how to use a computer. Understanding computer usage will aid in the management of employees, storage of data, research and increase productivity in terms of fewer costs, less time, and better standards. For MilleniAds; a starting company, to do quality production of customized sales flyers, manipulation of digital images, and storage diversity in computer knowledge will be very vital. Further, keeping track of inventory, expenses, and sales again, computer usage must be applied. The employment of computers is also seen in aid of information and file-sharing quickly within MilleniAds. The discussed justification of the importance of computers in any business organization gave MilleniAds company a reason to employ a user-friendly system in the company. Additionally, for the employees in the company working outside the organization, proper networking in the business would be very crucial. The following hardware, software, networking, and information security options will, therefore, give credit to the company's system, thus giving improving the company's progressiveness and firm foundation. Hardware needs Hardware components of a computer refer to the physical components of a computer, for instance, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Moreover, they include components inside a computer like the hard disk drive and motherboard. Following MilleniAds' objective of producing quality advertising products like sales flyers, brochures, letterheads, and business cards, the following hardware components will be vital. Desktop and laptop computers MillleniAds being an advertising company, investing in desktop and laptop computers will be a primary requirement for the company. Desktops will be necessary for use by employees within the MilleniAds’ BUSSINESS REQIREMENTS 3 company and laptops for the two employees who are working outside the company's office. Purchasing such quality computers that will require minimal maintenance will play an essential role in the company's foundation and growth. External hard disk To help the company store some of its products that include brochures, the company will need hard disks. Additionally, this will aid the company stay organized and protect crucial business data in case of occurrences like fire. Use of hard drive store data for later use of data, thus aiding the thus aiding to improve the company's data security Server A network server refers to a computer system whose purpose is centered repository of data and software that are shared by users in a network. Since MilleniAds' database needs network support, network server setting is critical. Wireless router A wireless router is essential to connect the company's workspace wirelessly. A Reliable internet connection will aid high-speed connections within the connected devices. Wireless connections will decrease the cables needed in the company hence ease research in the company. Quality printer. Considering the company's products, which include brochures and business cards, printing is primary, thus the need for a printer. Printing inside the company will ease work for employees in terms of time-saving as they won't have to look for access to the same outside the company. Software needs Software is a set of programs and information used by a computer. Good software is essential for the beginning of a business. A breakdown of the essential software required is as follows; MilleniAds’ BUSSINESS REQIREMENTS 4 Accounting and finance software Proper accounting and finance software will provide a detailed analysis and report to help track the company's finances. In moments of paying taxes and the employees, the management will be able to track down the profits made and the progress of the company. Payment support Having a payment support application; for instance, PayPal will aid in the company's commercial operations, freeing up time and energy. Customer relationship management (CRM) A CRM includes all the company's programs, strategies, and interactions made to maintain healthy client relationships. With a proper Customer relationship management, the company's events, including scheduling of appointments, document signing can be done through a few wellorganized and well tracked digital avenues. Contract management software (CMS) Contract management software will serve to create negotiation, amendment, signature, and data analysis of legal contracts in MilleniAds. A good CMS will increase efficiency in the company. Networking needs To make MilleniAds form relationships with other companies, find new customers, partner and grow, networking will be a crucial element. The most effective way to network the company is by making it known which is by; Local listing services Google registering of the company will make the company be seen more quickly on Google searches and google maps. Social media MilleniAds’ BUSSINESS REQIREMENTS 5 including in ads and offers on Facebook pages and being in connection with customers on twitter will aid the company marketing itself. Press releases Any moment the company does something commendable, it's essential to shoot off a press release. Shooting off aids in generating publicity for the company. Security of information The company should ensure wrong people do not use its data by the following. Encryption of data Data encryption involves giving sensitive content to secure passwords. Access controls Access controls will involve restriction of access to information according to the individual's role in the company. Therefore, computer knowledge is fundamental to any growing business. Employment of the above-discussed areas and research of more will be fundamental in MilleniAds' foundation and growth. MilleniAds’ BUSSINESS REQIREMENTS 6 References Pulkkinen, M., Naumenko, A., & Luostarinen, K. (2007). Managing information security in a business network of machinery maintenance services business–Enterprise architecture as a coordination tool. Journal of Systems and Software, 80(10), 1607-1620. Stallings, W. (1990). Business data communications. Prentice-Hall PTR. ...
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Part A
Knowledge of computers is very vital for every business. We are living in a century where
technological devices, mainly computers, are used for almost every task. Therefore, employees in
any workplace need to equipped with the knowledge to aid in making relevant decisions through
analyzing the needs of a business (Firnberg, D. (2018)). Computers in an organization can be used
to perform a lot of tasks, including production, distribution, and research and thus increase the
productivity of a business at a lower cost. For milleniAds a small starting advertising company
that aims at producing brochures, sales flyers, and other branded items, the knowledge of
computers is very vital in assisting in the production and other activities that the company will
carry out. The use of computers in the company will also allow for track keeping of all sales and
inventory and also provide a system sharing information and records among employees in the
company. For MilleniAds company to operate smoothly, the following components should be used
in the company to ensure the smooth running of operations and to lower production costs.
To aid the company's major objective of producing advertising p...

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