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i need help for my assignment

i need help for my assignment

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1. Draw a circuit that you can use to test whether or not something conducts electricity. Explain how to interpret the test results. (If this happens, then ...) 2. What evidence do you have showing that charge flows in the opposite direction during capacitor charging from the flow direction when it is being discharged? 3. What evidence do you have that charge flows in a single “forward” direction in a single loop circuit? 4. What evidence do you have that electric currents create magnetic fields? 5. We did an experiment that showed differences in the ability of different capacitors to store energy. Two different tests pointed to the same result (that the silver capacitors stored more energy than the blue capacitors. Explain how each test showed a difference, and state which test was more convincing. 6. What evidence have you gotten that there is indeed no conducting path through the interior of a properly functioning capacitor? 7. (A) At the left below, draw a circuit that will charge an uncharged capacitor. (B) At the right below, draw a circuit that will discharge a charged capacitor. 8. Draw the unambiguous continuous conducting path through the circuit drawn at the right and indicate whether each bulb is lit or unlit. Bulb 1 Lit or unlit Bulb 2 Lit or unlit Bulb 3Lit or unlit 9. If you light a bulb using the hand crank generator, how can you make the bulb light even brighter? ...
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The above circuit comprises a DC voltage source, connecting wires, crocodile clips to
hold materials being tested, and a bulb to act as an indicator when the circuit is completed. The
circuit is connected as drawn for the testing experiment, (Charoy, 2018). If the test substance is a
good electricity conductor the bulb lights, while if the test substance used is not an electric
conductor the bulb remains off.

The diagram above depicts the direction of charge flow when c...

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