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Generally speaking, what effect do you think the coronavirus will have on relationships in general and sexual activities in particular? Check the file below to see the question

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ONLINE SEX EDUCATION LEARNING ASSIGNMENT: Generally speaking, what effect do you think the coronavirus will have on relationships in general and sexual activities in particular? Thoughts for your consideration: • Your paper will be 200 words or less (less than 1 ½ pages). • You will be graded on Originality, English grammar and Content. • Originality- I want to know what you think, not somebody else. Many people may be tempted to google materials, find something they think is interesting, copy and use it. No, no, no. You too have a brain—and you should not “underestimate” yourself or your ideas. • English Grammar – You are college students! Your work should reflect it. After all, I’m not asking you to spell “epididymis.” And some of you did! You should use all of the word processing tools available to you (edit, spelling, and thesaurus). I’m not looking for a Pulitzer Prize winner, but good, basic, English grammar. • Content – What are you saying? Does it make sense? Are you using facts (are you using some of the facts that we know about the coronavirus in your paper, how about safe sex/toys, how about people who live together being forced to spend more time face-to-face, etc)? Are you making good, solid, points? You may consider and include some of the following points in your paper: • Will there be a birth explosion 9 months from now or will there be more than usual the number of breakups. Will we see more coronavirus babies than COVID – 19 breakups? • Will sexually active people (or will they become abstinent during this period) have more or less sex? How about if they live together? What if they don’t? • Will people use alternative sexual practices more if they are not engaged in physical sexual contact (sex toys, virtual sex, masturbation, etc.)? Before you begin: • Take a couple of days to think about the subject before you do anything, • As ideas come forth, jot them down in a notebook, pad, etc., • After several days and after you’ve decided “which way you want this thing to go,” begin writing, • Remember, that your first paragraph will be a snapshot of your entire paper, • Read your paper to a family, friend, partner (after all, you don’t have that much else to do being socially-distanced as we all are) and incorporate their ideas—only, if you agree! And Remember: • If we ever have class again, I’ll ask you to read your paper in front of the whole class, • If not, well then, you can read it to your kids, family, and friends when you tell them about the coronavirus that happened in 2020!!!!!!! ...
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Effects of Coronavirus

The global pandemic that is currently going on is bound to have huge impacts on
relationships and sexual activities in society. The current pandemic has seen a campaign develop
which aims at emphasizing on the need by people to stay at home to reduce their chanc...

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