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All Total at least 1100+ word needed for 5 Different questions. On MLA format.

Discussion boards. Please summit as a ONE document for all.

Note for writer: please write on your own word that way we don’t have cite anything.

DB 02 Eng. 2311 At least 200 word.

What experience have you had in writing resumes? Have you been successful in the past with your letters of application?

DB 03 Eng. 2311 At least 200 word.

What have you found most challenging about technical writing so far? What have you learned that you didn't know about business writing?

DB 04 Eng. 2311 At least 200 word.

Now that you've completed the course, do you feel your expectations have been met in terms of what you know about business writing? Do you feel more confident about approaching technical writing tasks? Be as specific as you can in your response.

Note for writer: you can add anything from other sources for 2 of this DB.

DB01 for MGT4690 At least 200 word.

Describe the difference between communication and effective communication. Additionally, please describe some of the individual and organizational barriers to effective communication between the generations.

DB02 for MGT4690 At least 200 word.

Do you believe the description given for your generation is accurate? Please state the evidence that supports your answer.


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Question # 1
In the past, my writing experiences have included writing essays, resumes, and creative
writing. However, the only experience I can think of is writing a resume. I wrote resumes to
apply for the internship vacancies advertised in my field of study with the thought of advancing
and getting experience in my career. Writing a resume to me is persuasive writing because to are
trying to persuade a potential employer that you are the right person for the job. You are telling
them the skills and the experience you have that will be beneficial to their company, possibly
even boosting their profits, productivity, and even making them more competitive for contracts.
Potential employers want to know why they should hire you.
Additionally, the experience I have when writing my resume is that I am capable of
watching grammatical errors so that the message I am portraying can be well revealed to the
employer; hence they end up gaining confidence in me. Many candidates may fail to express
themselves through direct conversation with the employers (Tillotson & Osborn 110-117).
Therefore, through writing resumes, I have gained skills on how to express myself to the
employers through writing and why they should hire me as their potential employee.
Furthermore, most of the fresh graduates from colleges and universities are often faced
with various difficulties when seeking job opportunities in the job market. Besides, one of the

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challenges in writing an application letter that is appealing to the recruiting team. However, in
the past, I have not been successful with my letters of application because I could not write a
resume that effectively commun...

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