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Write comprehensive notes on the following topics; 1) Human Genome Project and how the information is being used in medicine today? (50 points) 2) What are Genomics and Proteomics and how they contribute in understanding functioning of different genes? (25 points) 3) What is systems biology? Write about its history and importance. (25 points) • • • • Please do not copy material from the Internet. Paraphrasing and quoting is allowed. Find information from books or journals. Use at least three different sources including at least two peer reviewed publications. Campbell Library online and National Library of Medicine are some good resources. Include the sources of information in the Reference/Work Cited section. Any sources used should be cited in the body of the report. Use headings for each part and write each part separately. • • • Please do not add any URLs, especially Wikipedia, in references. Use APA format citation for references. Write one page for each topic excluding Title and Work Cited with 1.5 line spacing, 12 font size and Times, Arial, Calibri, or Bookman fonts. • • • Minimum length of the report is 4 pages. Draw pictures as needed. Make sure there are no grammatical and spelling errors and enough details. • • • • You may submit multiple times to remove any matches to published materials. You Turnitin matching score should not exceed 9%. Submit by 4/2. The system will not accept any documents after 11:59 PM. Failing to following instructions completely will result in point deductions. ...
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Genome Project and How the Information Is Useful In Medicine Today
The Genome Project was a scientific project that involved a collaboration of various
nations to determine all the base pars of the human DNA (Boeke et al., 2016). The project was
launched for specific studies whereby mapping of all the genes of the human genome was done
for purposes of studies. The project was taken up by the United States’ government in 1984,
started in 1990, and marked complete in 2003. The project was a significant genetic milestone
approach whereby a careful study of the human DNA was explored to come up with a perfect
pair and ensure that all the genetic information in the human genome was known (Boeke et al.,
2016). Initially, the field of medicine was not sophisticated, and understanding human genomics
never bore fruits, especially when it came to the management of the conditions (Moraes & Góes,
2016). The Human Genome Project was an amalgamation of all scientists who went into a
quorum and decided to carry out an analytic analysis of the various genetic information and
establish better interventions to assist in the effective implementation as required.
Through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the project was funded, and a number of
countries including Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, and Japan joined the research and
facilitated the project to proceed in the manner that was required for a successful
accomplishment of the project as recommended (Fine 2017). The human project assisted in the
analysis of approximately 3.3 billion base pairs in the human body to come up with a good result
from a functional standpoint and assist in quality research. The nucleotides and base pairing were
done in the project to assist in coming up with good results that could help in the field of
medicine as recommended (Boeke et al., 2016). Additionally, the gene donors were taken from
the females and males, and their identity was hidden to assist in the analysis of the human
genome (Boeke et al., 2016). The sequencing managed to accomplish that of the cells in



euchromatic regions of the human DNA with the exclusion of the regions in heterochromatic
sections such as telomeres and centromeres.
The usefulness of the Information in Medicine Today
The information from the Human Genome Project is useful in modern medicine in
various ways, espec...

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