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South University Week 1 Features of American Democracy Essay

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500 words, APA format, in text citations. What are the characteristics of American democracy? How does American decomocracy differ from the theory of democratic government?

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OUTLINE, Features of American Democracy

The approach of democracy in America has always stood as a fundamental aspect of
constitutional self-definition.

The key idea of America’s democracy is a balance where social fairness is a communal
state affair in which all people within a limited society or confined group have an equal
status in absolute respect.

American democracy is established on the belief of the vital concern of every individual,
each person no matter what his/her state in life is independent and a distinct being

American democracy also holds that the majority will consistently be considered more
often as the majority is ever on the right, more often than a person or a small crowd

The rights of the individuals are upheld to the duties and responsibilities of every

America differs from the theory of democratic government since it's not a pure
democracy. The term commonly used to ...

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