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I’m studying for my Environmental Science class and need an explanation.

Please read/view the following video/reading:

To turn in the assignment, reply to this discussion. Please respond to the following prompts about your reading/viewing experience:

1. In your own words, write a short summary (a few sentences) of ONE of the reading(s)/video(s).

2. What is the Air Quality Index (AQI) according to the website? Note that the website explains the definition according to the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

3. If the AQI for a pollutant is 101, does it mean the air is very clean?

4. What is particle pollution? Where does particle pollution come from?

5. Look up the AQI of PM2.5 for your home city. Include the link to the website where you find the information. Note that different countries have different definitions for calculating the air quality index values and their interpretations. (my home city is named Urumqi, Xinjiang)

Example: the AQI for PM2.5 in Hong Kong is 61 on Sep 17, 2019 Hong Kong date and time. The AQI value indicates that the air contains a moderate level of PM2.5 (Links to an external site.)

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1. In your own words, write a short summary (a few sentences) of ONE of the
In order to protect human health, US authority organized many monitoring programs
which involved analysis of different environmental matrices i.e. water, soil, and air. The
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed many protocols for
environmental and human health protection. As more than half the world's populations
are living in urban areas, outdoor air quality became one of the most impo...

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